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Writer's Block: All by myself

What’s one thing that you love to do all by yourself?

almost everything i do actually, i'm not exactly a loner but it's always like that for me...but of all those, maybe the one thing that i just hate doing when there's somebody else is surfing the internet...haha ^_^

Please Help me win...

hey guys....

can anyone remember the latest kyuwook fic "Then And Now" ? I hope you still do and i hope you liked it...i'm not sure about its content if it's nice enough for anyone but i would have appreciated if you think it's nice ^_^

it's a bit awkward to actually ask for it but can anyone vote for the fic in the contest? I want to win for at least once in my life...but no preasure...i'm not forcing anyone...i just want to know who liked it enough ^_^

if you do, could you vote for my fic in kyuwook.net...but like i said, i'm not gonna force anyone at all...i'm just hoping...hahaha...i think i'm being too desparate...sigh*

thank you, guys...^_^

Then and Now

Title: Then and Now
Pairing: Kyuwook
Genre: pg-13 (for use of foul languages)
Summary: They had spent their entire lives fighting. Who would have thought?

Warning: excessive abuse of some foul languages

When they were 4 and 5 years old, they were enemies….

“Leeteuk-hyuuuung!!!” a rather loud, high-pitched screech sent the preschool teacher Leeteuk nearly flying off from his desk to the sandbox in the playground outside the school building.

Even before Leeteuk got to the place of the commotion, he already had a very good idea on what it was all about. For 5 months since the start of classes, that same screeching came nearly everyday and in all those times, the reason was the same. 5-year-old Ryeowook and 4-year-old Kyuhyun were fighting.

As soon as he reached the playground, a little boy immediately ran to him with tears spilling from his eyes. “Hyung! Kyuhyun ripped my bunny!” sobbed little Ryeowook, holding out the little pink bunny with a nearly severed head to Leeteuk. “He’s being mean to me again!”

The said Kyuhyun was glaring at Ryeowook with his arms crossed across his chest. “Well you started it! You threw sand at me!”

“You threw it at me first!” Ryeowook yelled back.

“Well, you destroyed my sandcastle!” Kyuhyun shot back. “And you made me spill my cookies!”

“You insulted my PSP and called it stupid!”

“You called my bunny stupid, too!”

“That’s because it is stupid!”

“Well you’re stupid!”

“No! You’re stupid!”



“Nail biter!”

“Thumb sucker!”




Both of Leeteuk’s eyebrows raised and nearly disappeared into his hairline at what he just heard from the two supposed-to-be-innocent boys’ mouths. Then suddenly, he pulled the two still bickering preschoolers inside the building with him.

The next thing both Ryeowook and Kyuhyun knew was that their mouths were spilling bubbles as the taste of the soap Leeteuk used to clean their mouths remained stingy in their tongues. But still, all the while, they just kept glaring at each other.

The two of them were just naturally enemies.

When they were 9 and 10, they simply just hated each other….

10-year-oldRyeowook was happily eating in the cafeteria with his closest friends Sungmin, Donghae and Eunhyuk when suddenly, loud laughter exploded from the table right next to them.

Startled, Ryeowook turned his head to the next table and much to his great distaste, he saw the 9-year-old Kyuhyun in the middle of all those laughter.

“Yeah, and like a startled duck, he flailed and then…” Kyuhyun said in between laughter before he dramatized comically someone falling to the ground which caused more eruptions of laughter from his friends Kibum, Kangin and Heechul, which irritated Ryeowook’s ears a lot, especially since he knew exactly that the one Kyuhyun was joking about was him.

“Very funny.” Ryeowook said out loud in acidic sarcasm. Kyuhyun immediately noticed him of course. “I guess you can go and be funny somewhere else where you can’t disturb someone, Kyuhyun.” He said the name in such a manner that he seemed thoroughly disgusted just saying that name.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that you actually owned this cafeteria.” Kyuhyun said in a mock apologetic tone. “Maybe you should have just put a ‘Please be quiet ‘sign all over the place. Or better yet, you should probably just change the entire place to a freaking library if you hated happy noises somuch.”

“Or maybe I should just put the ‘Please don’t be too embarrassingly stupid’ sign on your forehead instead. “ Ryeowook shot back. “That way, you can at least remember to act more human in public.”

“Yeah? Says the pig who can actually talk.” Kyuhyun retorted before turning around to talk to his friends. “Come on, guys. Let’s go somewhere else where there’s no one pigging around.”

Ryeowook wasn’t really that big. In fact, he wasn’t fat at all. He was just a little bit healthier compared to others but he was NOT fat. But the fact that Kyuhyun just called him a pig really hit a nerve. And since he had his back to Ryeowook, he didn’t see how Ryeowook’s eyebrows narrowed.

“Hey, Kyuhyun!” Ryeowook yelled.

“What the hell do you want now, you – “ Kyuhyun didn’t even manage to finish the question because the moment he turned around, Ryeowook jumped at him.

All their harsh bickering eventually led up to a fist fight, which in turn, landed both of them in Principal Shindong’s office.

“You got into another fight?” Principal Shindong asked rhetorically peering over his glasses to look at the swollen faces, the trashed looking hairs and the disheveled and slightly torn uniforms of the two children who were looking at opposite directions.

“He started it.” Both Ryeowook and Kyuhyun said at the same time. Then, surprised at what the other said, both of them glared at each other.

“What do you mean I started it?” Kyuhyun asked fiercely. “You’re the one who attacked me first!”

“Was not! You were the one who insulted me before that!” Ryeowook retorted with just as much rage as Kyuhyun.

“Oh yeah? Well I’m not – “ Kyuhyun’s angry remarks was cut short when Principal Shindong pounded on the table.

“That is enough! I don’t tolerate any fighting in this school. If you don’t want to be expelled then I suggest you quit this entire squabbling.” the principal said in a hard voice. “Now then, I’m gonna ask you two to face each other and shake hands.”

Kyuhyun and Ryeowook looked as if Principal had just told each of them to swallow a live frog. But a warning glance from the principal sent both of their hands gripping on each other in what looks to be a proper handshake. Although, in reality, they were both trying to crush each other’s hands.

“Now I want you two to swear never to fight in school again. Swear!” Shindong growled in a voice that made both boys jump.

“We swear!” they said in unison while behind them, they crossed their fingers.

“Fine. You can go.” Shindong said, dismissively.

As the two of them left the office, they glared daggers at each other.

“I’ll get you next time, you bastard.” Kyuhyun muttered.

“We’ll see about that, asshole.” Ryeowook said back.

The fighting and bickering just never stopped between them. If they weren’t fighting in school, then they’re more probably doing it outside school. It was quite evident actually. They really, really hated each other.

When they were 15 and 16, they were rivals…

It was a rather special day for Kyuhyun. This day, he was finally going to express his love to he campus beauty queen Victoria. He had his best uniform on and he had a white rose in his hands.

He had already dropped her a love letter in her locker earlier that day telling her to meet him in the school’s rooftop later in the afternoon.

By 4 o’clock, Kyuhyun had started to ascend to the rooftop. Just imagine his surprise when he saw Ryeowook ascending the same stairs to the rooftop with a white rose also in hand.

“What the hell are you doing here?!” Kyuhyun demanded in a loud voice, causing Ryeowook to look back at him.

“I’m the one who should be asking that question. What the hell are YOU doing here?” Ryeowook asked angrily. Then, seeing the white rose in Kyuhyun’s hand, his eyebrows narrowed. “Are you meeting with someone in the rooftop?”

“What is it to you?” Kyuhyun growled, continuing to ascend the stairs, going ahead of Ryeowook.

“It’s important. Whoever it is you’re meeting with might hurt my chances at wooing Victoria.“ Ryeowook said, before he immediately covered his mouth, realizing what he just said.

Kyuhyun stopped dead on his tracks. “What?! You’re wooing Victoria?!” he asked in disbelief.

“What is it to you?” Ryeowook growled, this time, he went ahead of Kyuhyun.

“Big time, considering you’re wooing the same girl I’m wooing at the same time and at the same place as I am.” Kyuhyun said.

“Ryeowook stopped and looked at Kyuhyun. “Wait, what?! You’re wooing Victoria, too?”

“That’s what I said, you bastard.” Kyuhyun said. His eyebrows were narrowed but they suddenly raised when Ryeowook began to laugh. “What?”

“You think you have a chance with Victoria?” Ryeowook said, laughing his head off. “Dream on! She wouldn’t have you, you pimply prick.”

Blood rushed to Kyuhyun’s face. It was true. He had grown quite a lot of pimples because of staying up till late at night playing Starcraft.

“Oh yeah? What about you? You think she’ll go for you, Mr. Short and Chubby?”he retorted, effectively wiping off the smirk off Ryeowook’s lips.

“At least I’ve got fairer and smoother skin than you, asshole.” Ryeowook shot back.

“Yeah? At least I’m taller and leaner than you, you bastard.” Kyuhyun said.

Ryeowook’s and Kyuhyun’s glare met, almost making static appear between them.

“Fine then, let’s see who she chooses.” Ryeowook said before running up the stairs.

“Hey, wait a second!” Kyuhyun called, racing after Ryeowook to get to the door.

They both reached the door at the same time and due to their competitiveness, they ended up falling through the doorway as the door opened, startling the couple on the rooftop, which just happens to be Victoria and Hankyung.

Kyuhyun and Ryeowook were rather speechless. Victoria had her arms around Hankyung’s neck while his arm was around her waist. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that the two had been busy making out before Ryeowook and Kyuhyun came barging out.

“Umm…” Ryeowook said, unable to say anything else.

Kyuhyun was the first to recover from the shock of finding out that the girl they were wooing was already taken. “S-sorry, sorry. P-Please continue. Don’t mind us. We didn’t see anything. Honest!” Kyuhyun stuttered, pulling Ryeowook from the floor before quickly shutting the door.

The two of them sat on the stairs as if still trying to digest what they had just seen.

Finally, Kyuhyun cleared his throat to relieve himself from the awkward silence. “Well then, I guess that means she chose neither of us.” He said, awkwardly.

“Uh-huh.” Ryeowook said. “Seems like she’s into the Chinese-type of guy.”

Sighing, Kyuhyun said. “Looks like I’m going to woo Yoona then.” And he started to descend down the stairs.

Ryeowook remained stoic for a while before he realized what Kyuhyun just said. “Hey wait! You’re wooing Yoona?! But I’m wooing Yoona!” he called down to Kyuhyun before he and Kyuhyun started racing down.

When they were 19 and 20 years old, they finally talked…

Kyuhyun and Ryeowook had gone their separate ways 4 years ago. Kyuhyun went to Incheon to study medicine while Ryeowook remained in Seoul. They never heard from each other ever since. It was just practically by fate that both of them saw each other again one night in an almost empty bar in Seoul.

Kyuhyun had just returned to Seoul for a vacation from his studies. He had quite a demanding college life that he just needed to relax for a while. Being at this lonely bar with a bottle of soju in hand was just the release he wanted.

“I’ll have another bottle of soju, please.” Kyuhyun said to the bartender Yesung.

The bell at the entrance of the bar chimed as someone went inside, but Kyuhyun hardly took notice though. It wasn’t until he heard that person talk to him did he really took notice.

“Cho Kyuhyun?” the man said. Turning his head, Kyuhyun saw a pretty young man looking at him curiously.

“Hey, there, whoever you are. Are you sure you’re in the right place? This ain’t no place for a kid.” Kyuhyun said.

To his surprise, the pretty stranger laughed. “Kid? I’ll have you know that I’m hell older than you are, you asshole.” he said before sitting at the bar, one seat away from Kyuhyun. He raised a hand at Yesung, ordering for a bottle of soju as well.

Kyuhyun narrowed his eyebrows at the familiar call. No one had ever called him that in like 4 years. Not since he and Kim Ryeowook went on separate ways.

The realization hit him hard. “Kim Ryeowook?” he asked in surprise.

“The one and only. “ Ryeowook said in a cheerful voice as Yesung handed him his bottle of soju. “Finally, you recognized me.”

Kyuhyun was dumbfounded. He can’t really believe that after 4 years, that annoying and chubby little Kim Ryeowook he often bickered and fought with had become very beautiful in his eyes. His high cheekbones became adorably prominent and he looked so fragile in his delicate little body frame. This was really that exact same Ryeowook?

“You look…smaller.” Kyuhyun said after a while.

Ryeowook actually facepalmed at what he just heard. “Oh, jeez.” he said before looking somewhat amusedly at Kyuhyun. “You know, when two people meet each other after 4 years, usually one would say ‘Oh, you got taller’ or ‘Hey, you’ve matured a bit’. But you, Kyuhyun-sshi, you’re rather exceptional. You’re actually making me think that I’ve matured somewhat backwards.” he added, shaking his head in amusement.

“That’s not what I meant.” Kyuhyun said. “You look skinnier now.” And prettier, too., he added inside his head.

“Well, you didn’t really expect that after 4 years, I’ll still be keeping all that bulk with me, did you?” Ryeowook said, before laughing slightly. “What about you? You look handsomer now.” he said rather casually, making Kyuhyun choke on his drink.

“That was rather bold of you to say.” Kyuhyun said, coughing out hard. His face went slightly red.

“I was joking. Jeez, and after all this time, you’re still as gullible as ever.” Ryeowook said, laughing.

Kyuhyun could only stare at Ryeowook as the other laughed. For some reason, he knew he was supposed to be offended being that Ryeowook just duped him, but he wasn’t. He only let the other keep laughing at him. The other had a rather sweet laughter that sounded like little bells to Kyuhyun’s ears. He had never actually thought about Ryeowook’s laughter that way before. No, he did think of Ryeowook’s laughter that way before, but he just didn’t want to acknowledge it.

“Yah! Why are you looking at me like that?” Ryeowook asked, waving his hand in Kyuhyun’s face, which broke the other’s reverie.

“Nothing. I just thought you were beautiful all of a sudden.” Kyuhyun said, before he realized what he just said and he quickly closed his mouth with his hand.

Ryeowook’s eyebrows raised at the statement before he narrowed them and said, “Nice try, Kyuhyun. I’m not falling for that one.” And he stuck his tongue out rather childishly at Kyuhyun before facing his drink again. It wasn’t very noticeable in the dim lights but a faint shade of pink had colored Ryeowook’s cheek.

An awkward silence came between them as they each tried to enjoy their drinks. For almost an hour, they asked each other random questions like where the other was living now, their studies, family matters. At first, the answers were just short and eventually ended in awkward silences, but as the time went by and as the number of empty soju bottles began to pile up in front of them, they finally became more and more talkative, especially when they reached the tales about their childhood days.

“You’re the one who really started that fight in the cafeteria, you know.” Kyuhyun said.

“You still remember that?” Ryeowook asked, slightly smiling at the memory.

“I don’t forget things like that easily. I’ve been grounded for that for weeks.” Kyuhyun said, chuckling.

“You think you’re the only one? My parents forbade me from watching television for a looooong time. It wasn’t exactly paradise for me either.” Ryeowook said also sniggering at the memory.

“Yeah? And that still didn’t stop you from launching at me every chance you get?” Kyuhyun pointed out.

“Hey, look who’s talking. You also launched an attack at me for likehalf of the time we fought.” Ryeowook said.

“Yeah, and you always cried everytime.” Kyuhyun teased, laughing.

“Did not.” Ryeowook said, playfully hitting Kyuhyun’s shoulder.

“You did. You were a real crybaby.” Kyuhyun teased. “Uh-uh-uh. You can’t deny that part. My memory is still as clear as day.”

Ryeowook tried to argue but ended up giggling instead at their twisted childhood. “Ah, I give up. You’re still as annoying as ever.”

Kyuhyun laughed. “I know. That’s precisely why we always ended up fighting.”

“And finally, he admits.” Ryeowook said, raising his hand in victory, startling Kyuhyun. “I always told them you started it. Ah, damn, I should have carried a recorder and caught that on tape.”

Hearing what Ryeowook said, Kyuhyun chuckled. “You’re still so childish. I can’t believe you’re on you 20s now. You hardly changed.”

Ryeowook pouted at the remark. “You hardly changed, too, actually. I can see that you’re still that same asshole that left me here all alone 4 years ago.” he said.

Kyuhyun’s laughter stopped upon seeing Ryeowook’s sad eyes. Slowly, Ryeowook’s eyes met his gaze. “We’ve been fighting for a long, long time. But you have been one of the most permanent things in my life.” he said. Maybe it was the soju that was influencing him to keep talking but he didn’t mind. He just continued to talk. “Did you know that I actually missed the bickerings when you left?”

Kyuhyun was dumbfounded at what Ryeowook said. “Yeah, weird isn’t it? To think that I’ll even miss something as annoying as the fights, and the constant bickering. But I did. I hardly understood it as well.” He laughed slightly. “You have no idea what it felt like when I saw you here tonight after all those years of waiting. It was like sparks just suddenly flew. It’s probably delusional of me to think about it that way, but then again…maybe I really just loved you all this time.”

Kyuhyun felt something warm inside his chest upon hearing what Ryeowook said. Then he just knew it. He also felt the same thing the moment he had left Seoul. He always knew there was something missing. He always knew he left something behind. He just can’t pinpoint what it was. Now he knew.

Ryeowook laughed a little and stood up. “Excuse me for saying those weird things. The soju must be getting to my brain this time. You must be weirded out already. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna bother you about that again. You can forget about it.”

Ryeowook placed some money on the counter before he started to walk away. But as soon as he passed by Kyuhyun, a hand grabbed him by the arm. And the next thing he knew, he was engulfed in a hug.

“Don’t go just yet.” Kyuhyun whispered, holding Ryeowook closer. “Don’t leave me anymore. Not when I finally found you.”

Tears began to spill from Ryeowook’s eyes at what Kyuhyun just said. “You really are stupid. You’re the one who left me first, you asshole.”

“I know, I know. I’m sorry.”Kyuhyun said, caressing Ryeowook’s hair as the other cried on his shoulder. “Never again. I promise, I’m not leaving you again.”

He had been so blind to see it. And he had so much pride to acknowledge it. But he had always been in love with that annoying chubby Ryeowook. It was funny that it had to take 4 years of not seeing each other, for Kyuhyun to really understand, that he had, always has been in love.

“I love you.” He whispered in Ryeowook’s ears.

When they were 23 and 24 years old, they got married…

“Ryeowook! Ryeowook! Where are you?” Kyuhyun’s voice called out from inside the house.

“In here.” Ryeowook called from inside a walk-in closet.

Kyuhyun immediately located Ryeowook and found the petite man squatting on front of a box.

“What are you doing in there? Come on. Everyone’s waiting for us.” Kyuhyun said.

“Kyuhyun, look.” Ryeowook said, showing something small and pink to Kyuhyun. It was a bunny with a nearly severed head. “Can you still remember this one?”

Kyuhyun peered at the bunny and smiled. “I remember. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the day that I have my first experience of having soap in my mouth.”

Ryeowook chuckled. “Yeah. And I don’t think I wanna experience that again.” he said.

“If I recall clearly, that has been the very first time you called me ‘asshole’.” Kyuhyun said, laughing. “I never even thought you knew what that meant.”

“I didn’t. I don’t even know why that word came out of my mouth. Maybe that’s because you really were quite an asshole back then.”

Kyuhyun picked the bunny and placed it back in the box before he snaked an arm around Ryeowook’s waist. “So? You still think I’m an asshole now?”

Ryeowook looked thoughtful for a while and then said, “Come to think of it, I still do. You made my entire childhood a battle field, you wooedthe same girls I did only to realize that you were so gay, you left me alone for four years before you finally realized that you loved me and now you made me wait for another 4 years before you actually asked me to marry you. You really are a total asshole.”

Kyuhyun gaped at what Ryeowook had said. But then Ryeowook turned himself in Kyuhyun’s arm so that he would be facing the other man. He placed his hands around Kyuhyun’s neck and pulled him closer. “But that doesn’t change the fact that I still fell in love with this asshole I found as my future husband.”

“Couldn’t have said it any better myself.” Kyuhyun said with a grin.

Kyuhyun was about to lean forward to kiss Ryeowook when suddenly, the closet door opened, revealing a rather flustered Sungmin.

“Oh, please. Can’t that just wait till you’re in front of the altar? Everyone’s waiting for you. And Father Siwon really swore that if you’re not in the isle in 2 minutes, you’re gonna wed yourselves on your own.” Sungmin said.

“That would be bad.” Kyuhyun said making Ryeowook giggle. “So? Let’s go?”

“Lets.” Ryeowook said before he and Kyuhyun walked out of the closet hand-in-hand.

Sungmin could only follow them with his eyes before he shook his head in amusement. Almost 20 years ago, no one would have thought that these two will ever be friends, much less, end up married. Sungmin couldn’t almost believe that these were those same kids who used to jump at each other every chance they get.

Really, who would have thought?, Sungmin said to himself before he made to follow the two unlikely couple to the wedding grounds..

(a/n: uhmmm...i don't even know what to say about it...uh, would 'totally random' be an appropriate enough word? It really is quite confusing...heheh...sorry about that...i was so desperate to join that contest in Kyuwook.net that i totally screwed up...i just thought about this one last night when i was about to sleep so i apologize for making it too complicated...:( this is such a fail...) oh, and please excuse the excessive use of foul language in this fic...i found it rather disturbing as well

comments are still loved:)

Seeking Light - Chapter 12 D

Title: Seeking Light
Pairings: Kyuwook, Minwook, Eunhae, Kangteuk, Sihanchul, Heeteuk!friendship ( a lot more later, i promise)
Rating: PG13 maybe ( i'm not sure anymore)

Summary: Kyuhyun was born and raised as a member of the Dark Society, an organization where death and killing were inevitable and violence was part of life. Not even as he left the organization has he left that part of his life. Then comes Ryeowook, a young man who has absolutely little-to-no idea about the dark and violent reality of society. Can he shed light to Kyuhyun's darkness? Or will he fall prey to the Dark Society?

Chapter 12

Part A here

Part B here

Part C here

Part D

"Your one hour is up, little waiter." Kyuhyun said. "Are you going to apologize for wasting my time now?"

The words startled Ryeowook and his eyes immediately darted down to the watch on his wrists. 7:15. Exactly one hour after he made that deal with Kyuhyun just so he could make the other man stay a little bit longer.

"You didn't enjoy your time with us even just a little bit?" Ryeowook asked.

Avoiding the hurt in Ryeowook's eyes, Kyuhyun looked away and said, "Do I look like I've enjoyed at all?" Well, he did actually enjoyed a few times but he was already getting sick and tired of Sungmin butting in every time the rare sense of enjoyment came to him.

Ryeowook bit his lower lip at the harsh response. No, he definitely didn't look like we was having fun. For a moment, Ryeowook felt a bit guilty for enjoying himself while Kyuhyun was probably feeling bored of everything. And while he really wanted to ask the taller male to stay, he knew that the other would leave anyway.

Ryeowook was about to open his mouth to say what Kyuhyun wanted to hear but Sungmin was quicker. "No. Don't apologize to him. He's the one who's wasting our time. He shouldn't have come here in the first place if he's only gonna be such a party pooper. The one who should apologize is him."

"Really now?" Kyuhyun said acidly, looking from Sungmin then to Ryeowook. "You think so, too?". But even before Ryeowook could respond, he said, "You know what, forget it. I'm wasting more of my time waiting for you to start answering me. I'm leaving."

Kyuhyun turned on his heels and was about to walk away when suddenly, Ryeowook spoke to him, "Mianhe. I only wanted to see something close to a smile on that impassive face of yours. I didn't think I'd be boring you too much with all this so, mianhe for that."

Ryeowook paused for a while and Kyuhyun thought that he was done speaking but then, he continued," But I don't think you're wasting my time at all. In fact, I did enjoy your company one way or another. It makes me glad that you came here with us today, so for that I thank you. I hope that, if ever there will be a chance of a next time, we'll both get to enjoy it."

Kyuhyun couldn't help but look sideways at Ryeowook. The little waiter was smiling sincerely at him. His heart was beating faster again. And despite himself, Kyuhyun also began to hope for a next time. But instead of admitting that, Kyuhyun said, "Whatever." and walked away.

Ryeowook's eyes just followed Kyuhyun as he disappeared through the crowd and he felt himself sigh. Looks like it will be just him and Sungmin then (as the Eunhae couple were still probably enjoying their night together).

Sungmin probably thought the same thing he did because he was wearing a rather wide grin on his face as he turned to as the younger male, "So, now that we're alone together, what do you say about going to some rides again?"

Even though he was still feeling rather disappointed that Kyuhyun just had to leave, Ryeowook knew that he shouldn't drag Sungmin's mood down with him so he put up his best smile and said, "Sure, hyung. Where to?"

Sungmin thought for a while. Where he wanted to go with Ryeowook would be easy to answer. The Ferris Wheel. With only just the two of them. Climbing up, seeing everything around them surrounded in beautiful lights. Seeing the moon in its brightest. Who knows, maybe in the peak of the ride, he can slip his arm around the little male's shoulders, steal a small kiss or two. Maybe even a real passionate one. And then----

"Hyung? Hello?! Sungmin-hyung!" Ryeowook called, waving his hand in front of Sungmin's face.

"He looks like he's daydreaming. Or night dreaming." another voice said from behind Ryeowook.

"Oooh! Maybe aliens are communicating with him through his mind." a highly excited voice said.

It was the highly excited voice that brought Sungmin out of his fantasy world. "Huh? What?!" he asked blankly. Then his eyes went to the two figures behind Ryeowook -- Eunhyuk and Donghae. "When the hell did you get here? And what the hell is that?" Sungmin demanded pointing at the fishbowl in Donghae's arms.

“Probably around the time you were zoning out.” Eunhyuk answered. He was about to say something more, but Donghae doesn't seem to know that.

“Hyung, look at my little fishy! Hyukie won me a little fishy!” said a very hyperactive Donghae, nearly shoving the fishbowl in Sungmin's face in excitement. “He was so awesome. He kept loosing many times but he managed to win one in the end!”

Sungmin looked at the little goldfish in the bowl before staring at Eunhyuk. Smirking, he asked. “Oh? And how many times exactly?”

Blood rushed to Eunhyuk's face and he stared the other way to hide his embarrassment. "Ehehe...not so much. Maybe around 2 or 3 times?" he said, meekly.

"Really?" Sungmin said with a sneer.

Eunhyuk's face blushed redder. "S-so, hyung, where are we riding now?" he asked to change the subject.

Sungmin frowned at the question. "What do you mean 'where are we riding'? Who said anything about you coming with us?"

"Ryeowook." both Eunhyuk and Donghae answered.

Sungmin looked at Ryeowook almost pleadingly that he DIDN'T just offer the other two to come with them. But then, Ryeowook wasn't quick on the uptake and said, "Well, you said we are going on the rides and they said they wanted to go to the rides so I thought maybe they can come with us. The more the merrier, right?"

And there goes Sungmin's fantasy, shattering into a million pieces inside his head at what Ryeowook had said. Is it too much to ask for even just a few minutes alone with Ryeowook?, Sungmin wanted to just shout.

"Of course." Sungmin said with a smile that made him look like he was having a toothache. "The more, the merrier."

Well, Sungmin would definitely have preferred that it would only be him and Ryeowook but being with the Eunhae couple wasn't pretty bad at all. And with Kyuhyun gone, they rode nearly every thrilling and dizzying rides they chanced upon, depleting whatever little money they had in their pockets and totally ignoring the fact that they might go hungry for the rest of the week.

"That was fun." Eunhyuk said as his world continued to spin after riding the Hurricane ride.

"Let's go again." Donghae said before tripping on his own feet.

"Maybe as soon as the world stops spinning, hyung." Ryeowook said s he tried to pull Donghae back up from the ground. He was also pretty dizzy from the ride. And he was ready to bet that Sungmin wasn't stable at all as he leaned coolly against the fence that enclosed the ride. Deep inside, he was probably struggling not to puke.

Donghae giggled as he stood up and nearly fell down again. “But that was awesome. I can’t wait to tell my little fishy about it.” Donghae said.

“What do you mean ‘tell my little fishy’? You’re the Fishy here.” Eunhyuk said.

“No. Not ME ‘fishy’. The other fishy.” Donghae said.

“Probably that goldfish you were carrying earlier.” Sungmin said, finally recovering from the ride. Then he frowned as he looked at Eunhyuk. “Where is that annoying fish anyway?”

Eunhyuk looked surprised. “Hae-ah, didn’t you have it?”

“I gave it to you, didn’t I?” he said, and then he looked suspiciously at his boyfriend. “Wait a minute. You lost my fishy?!” he nearly screeched.

“Ah…n-no. I’m pretty sure it’s…um…m-maybe it’s in…uh. Oh, please don’t cry, Hae. I’ll find him, I swear. Or maybe, I can win you one again.” Eunhyuk stuttered as tears began to form in Donghae’s eyes. He really is quite an emotional boyfriend

“Uh-oh.” Ryeowook murmured, sensing trouble.

“Someone’s in a lot of trouble now.” Sungmin commented.

“You didn’t care about our baby fishy! What if someone ate him? What if a cat got him? What if he drowns.” Donghae said, sobbing.

“Well, technically, fish don’t drown.” Eunhyuk said, matter-of-factly.
Donghae looked as if Eunhyuk had just slapped him. “That’s it! I hate you!” he yelled before running off.

“HAE!! I’m sorry!” Eunhyuk called before running after Donghae.

“Yah! What did I tell you about running off! Yah!” Sungmin called running after the two.

Seeing that he was the only one left behind, Ryeowook also went to chase the rest of his companions. It may seem comical, but they weren’t the only ones running.

“Oooff!” Ryeowook groaned as he collided with someone who was also running, which made both of them fall to the ground. The one who collided with Ryeowook only muttered a short “sorry” before standing up and speeding off again. Somebody was probably chasing him as well.

Ryeowook resisted the urge to use a few of the curse words he often heard from Sungmin (the older male had quite an extensive vocabulary for such things despite his looks) as he stood up and brushed himself. His right shoulder was slightly aching and he had the vague idea that he will have a bruise forming there by this time. The stranger really had hit him hard.

After bending over to pick up the bunny stuffed toy that Sungmin won for him, Ryeowook looked through the crowd to find Sungmin and the others.

Oh, there he is., Ryeowook thought when he saw a familiar pink shirt walking away from him.

“Sungmin-hyung!” Ryeowook called as he made his way through the crowd. Strangely, Sungmin didn’t seem to hear him and just continued to move away. “Yah! Sungmin-hyung!”

When Ryeowook was near enough, he tugged at Sungmin’s shirt. “Hyung.”

Sungmin turned to look at him. No. It wasn’t Sungmin at all. Sure, he was wearing the same shirt and his hair was the exact copy of Sungmin’s but it definitely wasn’t him. “Yes? Can I help you?” the stranger asked.

“Ah, mianhe. I thought you were someone I know. I’m so sorry.” Ryeowook said, bowing to the man. The older male just shrugged and walked away.

Ryeowook was now beginning to feel a slight bit of panic. He can’t see anyone he knew at all. And there were so many people around. How was he going to look for his companions in this lot? He didn’t even have the slightest idea where they were heading to. Kim Ryeowook, you are sooo damn lost., he said to himself as he tried to tiptoe to have a better look around the crowd. Maybe he can catch a glimpse of any of the three one way or another.

“Let me guess, you’re lost, aren’t you?” someone said from behind him.

When Kyuhyun walked away from Ryeowook and Sungmin, he didn’t exactly walk out of the amusement park. True, he hardly understood the entire place but then again, maybe that’s the exact reason why he stayed there anyway.

It was really weird. How come there are so many smiles in this place. There hardly were any smiles where he used to live. Just smirks and evil laughter. And while this was a noisy place, it wasn’t chaotic at all. Even the screaming people in the rides didn’t scream out of terror but out of excitement. Are people really just this happy?

For more than an hour, he just sat there on the bench watching people go by. It really felt weird being among them. And he felt weirder when he saw happy children being held or carried by their parents. But he felt the weirdest when he suddenly saw a familiar lithe creature walking like a lost child among the crowd. A frown appeared on his face as he watched the troubled expression Ryeowook had on his face. And Sungmin wasn’t around at all.

Probably out of a whim, he stood up from the bench and walked towards the lost little waiter.

“Let me guess, you’re lost, aren’t you?” he asked when he was right behind Ryeowook.

Ryeowook nearly jumped out of his skin out of surprise. Turning around, he said, “Kyuhyun-sshi.”

“I know that’s my name. You didn’t answer my question. You’re lost, aren’t you?” Kyuhyun asked again. “A bit too old for that, aren’t we?”

Ryeowook’s surprise was immediately replaced by mild annoyance. “You’re wrong. I’m not lost. Sungmin-hyung just left for a while.” He lied while pouting.

“Oh, really? Well, since you’re obviously not lost, then I guess that means I can go leave you here then.” Kyuhyun said, walking away.

Ryeowook looked offended when Kyuhyun immediately walked away. Then, looking around, he knew he had no choice. He was better off with someone he knows rather than staying there all alone, right? “Yah, Kyuhyun-sshi!” he called, following Kyuhyun.

“So, I guess I was right?” Kyuhyun said, mockingly.

“Shut up.” Ryeowook muttered as he tried to catch up with Kyuhyun. “You’re gonna help me look for Sungmin-hyung, right?”

“What do you think I am? A freaking compass?” Kyuhyun said, unconsciously slowing down on his pace to let Ryeowook catch up to him.

“Hey. We’re friends, aren’t we? You should help me.” Ryeowook said with a pout.

“Friends?” The word itself felt foreign to Kyuhyun’s tongue. “Since when?”

“Fine. As a fellow human being then. You’re not gonna argue with that, are you?” Ryeowook said. “And you owe me, too. Do you think carrying you all the way to the apartment to get you treated was a walk in the park? You were hell so freaking heavy.”

Kyuhyun frowned at Ryeowook as the other started blabbing about that particular night. But it wasn’t the annoyed type of frown. It was more like a cross between amusement and curiosity. It almost seemed that the time he walked away earlier never even happened.

After maybe 10 minutes of futile effort to search for Sungmin and the other two, Ryeowook felt too tired to continue walking. “Argh, just how big is this place?” he asked to no one in particular as he placed both palms on his knees.

“You’ve got no stamina.” Kyuhyun commented. He had barely even broken a sweat. “ Are you sure you’re still on your 20s?

“Well, excuse me, Mr. Superman. Not all of us are gifted with the same stamina as you.” Ryeowook shot back. Once again, the bickering just can’t be avoided when the two of them are left alone. “Sigh, I think I have to sit down for a while.”

Ryeowook was about to sit down on the very first bench he found when he noticed a small figure sitting on the ground just behind another bench. One could have easily mistaken it as a kid playing hide-and-seek but Ryeowook could distinctly hear the sobs coming from the boy. And his shoulders were visibly shaking as he cried for his Umma and Appa in a small voice.

“What are you looking at?” Kyuhyun asked when he noticed the little waiter peer at something. He didn’t need an answer though. It wasn’t that hard to figure out what the little waiter had noticed. “Huh. Look’s like you’re not the only one who’s lost.” he commented.

Ryeowook just glared at him sideways before he started to approach the little boy. He even ignored the taller male when he called him.

“Must you always go into other people’s business?” Kyuhyun asked as he followed Ryeowook.

“But he might be in need of help. It’s not like we can ignore him.” Ryeowook said.

“Sure we can. All you really have to do is look the other way and just keep walking.” Kyuhyun said flatly. Ryeowook stopped walking and frowned at what Kyuhyun had said. The taller male also stopped walking and narrowed his eyebrows confusedly at the smaller man’s reaction. “What?”

“You know, sometimes I can’t help but wonder if that thing beating inside there is really a heart or a black hole.” Ryeowook said, shaking his head before continuing to walk.

“What the heck is that supposed to mean?” Kyuhyun asked as he followed Ryeowook again.

The child barely even moved an inch from his position earlier. From up close, it became clear that the little boy was only around 6 or 7 years old.

“Hey.” Ryeowook said gently, crouching down right beside the sobbing boy. “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

The little boy didn’t answer and just continued to cry for his Umma and Appa. “Did you get lost?” Ryeowook asked again. And once again, he was not given an answer.

“Hey, you are being asked a question.” Kyuhyun said coldly which made the little kid flinch.

“You’re not being quite helpful, Kyuhyun-sshi.” Ryeowook said.

“Well, you were asking for an answer. It’s not like we have all night to wait for it.” Kyuhyun said.

Ryeowook just sighed. Deciding to just ignore Kyuhyun, he turned back to the sobbing boy. “Don’t mind him. He’s always this harsh. Probably an inborn defect.” he said before he gave a small laugh when Kyuhyun protested. The little boy, probably curious about why he was laughing, removed one hand from his eyes to look at Ryeowook.

Ryeowook smiled upon seeing the boy looking at him curiously. He was still probably feeling wary of him. Not really surprising because he was a stranger. “Hey, what’s your name?” he asked. The kid sniffled but didn’t answer so Ryeowook continued talking. “Me? I’m Kim Ryeowook. You can call me Wookie-hyung if you want. That annoying one there is Kyuhyun-sshi. So, how about you? What’s your name?”

For a while, it didn’t seem that the kid was going to answer but then a small, “Kim In Sook.” was heard from him.

“In Sook. That’s a nice name.” Ryeowook said with a smile. The kid smiled at him as well. “Since we both know each other’s names, so that means we’re friends now, right?” And the kid nodded eagerly.

Kyuhyun just watched as Ryeowook made friends with the kid. Deep inside, he was impressed at Ryeowook’s ability to gain someone’s complete trust and friendship. And then he realized, he too trusted Ryeowook easily. They had just met some 2 weeks ago and he’s actually staying here with him without feeling cautious of him. But then, maybe it had something to do with Ryeowook’s gentle nature that made him trustworthy.

“So, you got scared of the clown and ran away huh?” Ryeowook said, after In Sook told him about why he was lost. “You’re parents must be getting worried. You want us to help you look for them?”

“Hey, hey, hey.” Kyuhyun said, upon hearing what Ryeowook had suggested. “Who said anything about us helping him look for his parents?”

“It’s not like we can leave him here by himself, you know. “ Ryeowook said, helping In Sook stand up. “His parents might be looking for him, too. So let’s go find them.”

“How do you know that they haven’t got tired looking for him yet and just left him here?” Kyuhyun asked. It wasn’t really out of harshness that he said that. He was just aware about how many children are abandoned from time to time. He knows a lot of children like that. He trained with a lot of them when he was younger.

“Because they’re his parents. And no parent will willingly abandon their children unless they’ve got no other choice.” Ryeowook said, firmly. There was something in Ryeowook’s voice that Kyuhyun could not explain.

Seeing that he had no other choice, Kyuhyun just followed. Ryeowook would probably drag him along if he didn’t follow, anyway. If there’s one thing he’s really certain about the little waiter’s personality, it was the natural stubbornness.

The search was uneventful; at least to Kyuhyun, anyway. Ryeowook and In Sook were probably having the time of their lives. The kid really seemed to be rather comfortable with Ryeowook. It almost didn’t seem like the two were actually looking for In Sook’s parents. In fact, it almost appeared like Ryeowook and Kyuhyun were the parents of In Sook.

“Look, Wookie-hyung! Cotton candy!” In Sook said out loud, pointing at the fluffy cloud of candy being made in a particular stall.

“Look’s tasty. You want one?” Ryeowook asked. He didn’t wait for In Sook to reply. He went to the stall to buy one. “Here you go.” Ryeowook said, handing In Sook a stick of blue colored cotton candy.

As much as he actually enjoyed looking at the two, acting like mother and child, Kyuhyun just had to remind them of the matters at hand. Clearing his throat, he said, “I don’t want to be a…what did that annoying chef call that?...party-pooper, but aren’t we supposed to be looking for your companions.”

Both Ryeowook and the kid’s eyebrows shot up as if they just realized that. “Oh…right. We have to go looking for them.” Ryeowook said. In Sook just smiled sheepishly.

After a while of walking, however, In Sook began tearing up again.

“What are you crying about now?” Kyuhyun asked, annoyed. “We have no time for that. You want your parents to leave you or what?”

In Sook began to sniffle because of the harshness of Kyuhyun’s voice. “But I’m tired. My feet are hurting. I don’t want to walk anymore.” He said in between sobs.

“But we can’t stop here right now.” Ryeowook said. When In Sook just continued to cry, Ryeowook sighed. “Oh dear, what do we do now?”

Kyuhyun sighed and rolled his eyes. Just how long was this night going to be? Taking a look at Ryeowook’s worried eyes, Kyuhyun mentally cursed himself for being so affected by them.

All of a sudden, Kyuhyun picked In Sook up and carried him in his arms. Both the kid and Ryeowook were visibly startled by it. But after a while, Ryeowook smiled at Kyuhyun which in turn startled the taller male. “What? He said he doesn’t want to walk anymore. And it’s not like we can find anyone just by standing here. Let’s just get going already.” Kyuhyun said immediately.

“You do know you look like a real Appa like that, don’t you?” Ryeowook said his smile wide. “Ah, I should have brought a camera. You look adorable with a kid.”

Kyuhyun felt blood rush up to his face. “Shut up.” Kyuhyun muttered, trying not to look too embarrassed. And Ryeowook just kept giggling cutely at him.

“Ah, don’t be so angry. You’ll get a lot more wrinkles that way.” Ryeowook joked.

“I don’t have wrinkles.” Kyuhyun said. But then, he raised one hand to feel his face to which Ryeowook just face palmed.

“I was a joke, you know.” Ryeowook said, shaking his head at Kyuhyun’s lack of humor. “Anyway, we better get moving.”

“I don’t know if you noticed it but we’re just going around in circles in this place. And with the size of this place and the number of people in it, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.” Kyuhyun pointed out.

Ryeowook pondered on the idea for a while before saying, “Hm, you’ve got a point. But how are we going to find them? By sitting around?”

“We’ve got to go to a higher place so that we can see everything.” Kyuhyun said. The answer just came out automatically as soon as the question was given. After all, he was trained to track down his targets all throughout his childhood.

“A higher place?” Ryeowook mused. Then the idea suddenly popped out from his mind.

“Oh god…” Ryeowook mumbled as he watched from the window of the Ferris wheel while they slowly rose from the ground. Beside him on the compartment were an almost bored Kyuhyun and a highly anxious In Sook. “Did it really have to be this ride?”

Kyuhyun frowned at what he said. “You’re the one who thought about this.”

“Well, yeah, but…” Ryeowook replied.

“You’re not afraid of heights, are you?” Kyuhyun asked.

“O-Of course not.” Ryeowook responded. He really meant to sound tougher but his body was unmistakably going stiffer as their distance from the ground increased. Seeing that Kyuhyun was about to make a remark about him, he turned to In Sook who was looking outside and asked, “Hey, do you see them?”

In Sook bit his lips and shook his head. “I can’t see Umma and Appa.” he said, his voice shaking.

“See? I told you they’ve abandoned him already.” Kyuhyun said tactlessly.

Ryeowook glared at Kyuhyun as the tears started to well up in In Sook’s eyes again. “Sshh, don’t cry. Don’t listen to him. I’m sure your parents are still out there. Just keep looking. You’ll find them.” He said encouragingly.

And then all of a sudden, In Sook’s eyes widened. “Umma! Appa!” he yelled which filled the entire compartment they were in. His eyes were fixed upon a couple who were walking frantically in the crowd not too far away from the Ferris wheel. At first, they were heading towards the Ferris wheel, but all of a sudden, they went the opposite way. “UMMA!!”

“They can’t hear him. We need to get down.” Ryeowook said immediately to Kyuhyun while In Sook continued to call out to his parents.

“We can’t. We’re at the top right now. It’s not like we can jump off from here.” Kyuhyun said.

“Ahh…damn. Why did I choose the Ferris wheel?! Argh, stupid idea!” Ryeowook said frustrated at the turn of events. Then, all of a sudden, he leaned out of the window to shout at the operators below. “Yah! We need to get down!”

Kyuhyun, alarmed at Ryeowook’s dangerous stunt, grabbed the little waiter by the back of his shirt and pulled him inside. “What the hell?! You want to die or something? I thought you were terrified of heights.” Kyuhyun said in a slightly high-pitched voice. He had never been frightened like that in his life. EVER. And he wasn’t terrified for himself either but at someone who was almost a stranger to him. Really, what was it with Ryeowook that could pull out every alien emotion that Kyuhyun never even knew he had?

“But we need to get down before we totally lose sight of them.” Ryeowook insisted.

“Yeah. But hanging by the window isn’t going to help. Your voice may sound a lot like an elephant’s siren but there’s no way that any of them below heard you. We’re too far up. We need to get low enough first before we can demand to be let off the ride.” Kyuhyun reasoned out, keeping a firm grip of Ryeowook’s arm just in case the little waiter decides to go holler from the windows again. “Geez, you’re really gonna give me a heart attack with all those antics of yours.”

Ryeowook only nit his lips and in a very low voice, he said, “Sorry. I didn’t mean to make you worry.”

And once again, the happy heart beats began to bloom inside Kyuhyun’s heart and his face started to have a faint shade of pink. “Who says I’m worried about you? I just don’t want you to fall and make people think that I threw you off. I haven’t got any money for a lawyer.” He said, looking away.

Ryeowook chuckled slightly before he went to comfort the crying In Sook. “Sshh…Don’t worry. We’ll find them as soon as we get down. Keep your eyes on them, arasseo?” he said gently, stroking In Sook’s hair.

As soon as they got down, In Sook immediately dashed off to where he had last seen his parents with Ryeowook and Kyuhyun speeding up behind him.

“Umma?! Appa!” In Sook kept calling as he ran around, passing by a lot of people and bumping a lot of them in his hurry. But before long, it became clear. His parents were no longer there. They must have gone to another area already.

Tired and miserable, In Sook curled himself on the ground and cried again. “They’re not here anymore. They left me already.” he said in between sobs.

“Don’t say that. They’re your parents. They won’t give you up so easily.” Ryeowook said.

Kyuhyun wasn’t so sure about what Ryeowook had said because in his case, his parents barely even gave a damn about him. But when he saw the miserable eyes of Ryeowook, he decided not to say something about it.

Without saying anything, Kyuhyun scooped In Sook up into his arms again before saying to In Sook, “If they really care for you, they will find you. No matter where you are or how long you’ve been gone, they’ll find you.” Then, looking at Ryeowook, he said, “Let’s find a place where we can sit down. If his parents really are here, they have a greater chance of finding him if we don’t keep moving around the place.”

Ryeowook nodded weakly.

They placed the sobbing boy on the fountain. He was just sobbing there quietly that almost broke Ryeowook’s heart. Kyuhyun, cold as he was, also found his sobs to be emotionally disturbing.

Then, as if to break the nasty silence around him, Ryeowook stood up and said, “You know, when I was younger, Sungmin-hyung used to sing me a song. It’s a nursery song but it used to cheer me up a lot when I’m crying. I’m sure at least one of you knows it. It goes like this.”

Ryeowook stood right in front of In Sook and Kyuhyun before he started singing.

kom sema-ri-ga
han chi-be-yi-so
appa gom
umma gom
ae-gi gom

Kyuhyun’s eyebrows rose at the song which Ryeowook even danced to. In Sook’s sobs seemed to have hitched. The people that were passing by also raised their eyebrows at him, but Ryeowook didn’t seem to mind them at all.

appa gommun tung-tung-hae
umma gommun nal-shin-hae

In Sook peeked at Ryeowook. Seeing that, Ryeowook smiled wider and sang louder.

ae-gi gommun na bul-gwi-yo-wo
hishuk hishuk cha-rhan-da

Kyuhyun’s lips had unconsciously quirked up. And In Sook had also stopped crying but he was only smiling slightly, which wasn’t good enough in Ryeowook’s opinion.

“Yah. It’s lonely singing here by myself.” Ryeowook said, suddenly grabbing Kyuhyun by the arm and dragging him up front.

“What the--?” Kyuhyun protested.

“Please.” Ryeowook said with puppy dog eyes. “It will make him feel better.”

“What the heck am I supposed to do?” Kyuhyun hissed.

“Just follow me.” Ryeowook said with a smile. “Okay? Start.”

kom sema-ri-ga
han chi-be-yi-so
appa gom
umma gom
ae-gi gom
appa gommun tung-tung-hae
umma gommun nal-shin-hae
ae-gi gommun na bul-gwi-yo-wo
hishuk hishuk cha-rhan-da

This was probably the most awkward moment yet in the history of Kyuhyun’s life. Never (emphasis on ‘Never’) had he tried this in his entire existence. But despite that, he tried to match Ryeowook’s song and movements. And the results were comical. In Sook was even laughing by the end of it.

“You actually made him laugh. I didn’t know you can be funny, Kyuhyun-sshi.” Ryeowook said, grinning.

“Shut up.” Kyuhyun muttered. His face was so red that he almost looked like a tomato. “Never, and I repeat, NEVER am I gonna do that again for as long as I live.”

“Aww, but you were adorable.” Ryeowook commented, resisting the strong urge to pinch Kyuhyun’s reddening cheeks.

In Sook was still giggling as Kyuhyun slumped back on the fountain. “There? Happy now?” Kyuhyun said, a little harshly on In Sook who just continued giggling at him. Somehow, he wasn’t furious about being laughed at in any way at all. Probably because that was the point he did that – to make In Sook laugh.

“Wanna see him dance again?” Ryeowook asked In Sook as he sat down beside the boy.

“Oh, hell no!” Kyuhyun said in exasperation which only caused the other two to giggle harder.

“In Sook!” a voice of a lady called out from a distance. It was then followed by a male voice calling for the same name.

Both the smiles of Ryeowook and In Sook disappeared and their heads peerked up upon hearing the call. “Umma?! Appa?!” In Sook called out.

Then, suddenly, a woman and a man appeared from a corner. The woman looked as pale as a ghost and her eyes were puffy like she had been crying for a long time. Her husband was even supporting her because she seemed so close to fainting.

“In Sook?” The lady almost choked at the words as fresh tears sprung from her eyes. “Baby?”

“Umma!” In Sook cried, quickly sliding off the fountain he was sitting on and dashing into his mother’s arms. She immediately hugged him like she hasn’t seen him in decades. The father also crouched down and engulfed his wife and son in a hug. Tears were visibly glistening in his eyes.

“I thought I’d never find you. We’ve looked everywhere. If I lost you…” the mother said in between sobs. Pain, relief and extreme joy painted her face as she kissed and hugged her little boy.

A peculiar feeling came over Kyuhyun as he watched the family. Was it jealousy? Maybe it is. But there was something more. Loneliness.

His life had been nothing but a series of darkness. He could only barely remember his mother. She had died years ago. Probably before he even turned 6 years old. And even before she died, Kyuhyun had hardly met her. He was kept in strict training the moment he learned to walk and talk, and so he only saw his mother like 5 times before she died. But he could remember her smile. She was always smiling when Kyuhyun saw her, and she was always singing. Her voice has been more prominent in his memories compared to her face, as that voice was his source of comfort when he was a child.

It was a different thing with his father, though. He saw his father practically every waking moment of his life, and yet he felt nothing for the old man. He was never anything to him other than a mentor, anyway. And he was barely even treated as a son, too. Kyuhyun might have been hoping for more than just training from his father before but he learned better than to hope later on. That’s just the way it was.

As if to avoid the emotions assaulting Kyuhyun as of the moment, he turned to look at the little waiter beside him. Ryeowook was visibly happy and relieved that In Sook was finally with his family. But there was also something in his eyes that Kyuhyun could not describe.

Kyuhyun’s reverie was interrupted when he heard In Sook’s voice. “They helped me come here, Umma.” It was then that he noticed that the two parents were looking right at him and Ryeowook.

“Really?” the mother asked.

The father slowly stood up and walked to them. At first, Kyuhyun stiffened. He had the idea that the man was going to hit them, as the usual case he was accustomed to when he was in the Dark Society. But the idea was automatically dispersed when the man suddenly hugged them both.

“Thank you.” He said, his voice cracking. While Kyuhyun couldn’t see his face, he knew that the older man was crying. Were parents really supposed to be this happy? “He’s the only one we have. If we lost him, I don’t know what we’d do. Thank you. If there’s anything, anything at all – “

“Please, sir. We were glad to help. You don’t have to reward us at all.” Ryeowook said, patting the old man’s back.

The old man was just about nearly breaking down in front of them because of extreme happiness and relief. And the series of “thank you” never seemed to end.

Finally, the man gained enough composure to decide that it was time for him to bring his family home. Which was definitely the best thing for him to do as all of them had looked rather exhausted both physically and emotionally. And with a final hug, and a kiss from In Sook’s mother to each of them, the family had finally left.

Kyuhyun and Ryeowook just sat back on the bench, watching the now complete family moving away from them. Kyuhyun definitely felt relieved. He wasn’t really used to hugs and kisses and happy reunions.

“Must be nice to have a family.” Ryeowook suddenly said in a low voice as he watched In Sook and his family disappear into the crowd. He seemed to be talking to himself, but Kyuhyun heard him all the same.

Eyebrows furrowed in confusion, Kyuhyun said, “You’re talking as if you don’t have one.” Then, noting the lack of response, Kyuhyun’s eyebrows furrowed further. Turning his head to look at Ryeowook, he asked, “You don’t?”

“Not really.” Ryeowook said, then seeing Kyuhyun’s expression, he immediately added, “I mean, I DO have a family. Who doesn’t? It’s just that…I don’t remember them at all.”

“What do you mean?” Kyuhyun asked.

Ryeowook sighed deeply before he began. “Twelve years ago, my family was slaughtered. My father, my mother, along with my unborn sister, they all died. Someone, they say it was a gang of some sort, broke into our vacation house on that night and killed everyone in the house before setting it on fire.”

Kyuhyun, utterly surprised at the revelation, listened closely as the little waiter continued. “I was supposed to die that night, too. I was…assaulted before I was shot on the chest. And then, maybe just for the fun of it, they threw my supposed to be dead body down the seaside cliff near the vacation house. I was found on the shore the next morning, probably washed in by the tides. Miraculously, I survived all that.” Then, Ryeowook chuckled sadly. “Turns out my heart was in the right side of my chest and so the bullet missed it. But due to my fall in the cliff I suffered a severe concussion that wiped out my memory entirely and I couldn’t recognize anyone at all. The doctors said it was most likely to be permanent, which was rather disappointing considering that I’m the only witness.”

“When I was released from the hospital, I came to live in an orphanage. I found it weird at first that none of my relatives took me in after I became an orphan. I didn’t have to wonder about it too long, though. They were frank when they said that I was the son of my father and his mistress. All my relatives were ashamed to have me so where else were they going to put me?” Once again, Ryeowook chuckled but it was still without humor. “Oh, dear. I have been blabbing too much again, huh? Sorry for troubling you with these things. I tend to keep talking when I’m not interrupted.”Ryeowook smiled at Kyuhyun apologetically.

Upon hearing Ryeowook’s story, Sungmin’s words once again echoed in Kyuhyun’s head. He’s been through a lot already. He doesn’t need the added trouble you are taking with you. So this is what Sungmin meant.

Ryeowook’s life was (Kyuhyun doesn’t know the exact words to describe it) tragic. And here he is, smiling like he never had any problems at all. His personality seemed pure and untarnished by anything.

“Why are you still smiling like that?” Kyuhyun asked.

“Like what?” Ryeowook said, looking startled at the sudden question.

“Like you never have any problem in life at all. Why are you so…normal, after all that?” Kyuhyun asked, confused.

Ryeowook found himself pondering on the question. “I don’t know what you mean by normal because as far as I know, having your heart in the wrong place isn’t normal. In fact, it’s pretty weird.” he said, thoughtfully. “But about me smiling, I think I’ll have to answer you with a question. What will I get if I continued to sulk about the past?”

Kyuhyun furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. He didn’t know the answer.

“The past remains the past even if we continue sulking about them. Crying and cursing your past isn’t going to change it. All you can really do is to move on and live in the present. I smile because I am presently happy.” he said, and then he stood up and walked on the platform, using his arms to balance himself. “I may have lost my family in the past, but I have Sungmin-hyung, Eunhyuk-hyung, and Donghae-hyung now. They’re my new family. And I know that when I’m sad, they’ll be sad too so I try to keep myself happy.” Ryeowook explained. Then, he looked directly into Kyuhyun’s eyes and said, “I don’t know anything about your past, Kyuhyun-sshi, or why your smiles have been almost nonexistent, but I do know that you kept reliving that past. That’s why you can’t smile. If you could just move on from it, and live with what you are now, then maybe, you’ll find a bit more color in your life.”

Kyuhyun was at loss of anything to say. He can’t really argue with what Ryeowook said. He had been living in the past. His everyday life was dictated by everything his mentor taught him. And even when he got away, he still felt like he was still under the watchful eye of the organization.
He never realized this. He had been termed a genius and he never realized it at all. Ryeowook did. And they barely even knew each other.

He’s…special, Kyuhyun mused.

“Whoa!” Ryeowook suddenly said in a startled voice. Kyuhyun looked up just in time to see Ryeowook look like he was falling towards the water.

“Ryeowook!” Kyuhyun said in alarm, reaching out to grab hold of Ryeowook.

But then, the next thing he knew, Ryeowook was laughing. More than that, he was laughing at HIM. "Oh, man. That was epic! You should have seen the look on your face, Kyuhyun-sshi! Ah, priceless." Ryeowook said in between giggles. He wasn't about to fall down to the water at all. He was just playing with him.

"Yah! What's the big idea?!" Kyuhyun demanded, annoyed at being fooled.

Ryeowook chuckled some more. "Well, you were looking so weird. I just thought that maybe I can lighten up your mood a little." he admitted.

"Wow. Good job. Look at me, I'm laughing my head off." Kyuhyun said with sarcasm, not really finding what Ryeowook did as funny.

"Aww...some humor over there, please." Ryeowook said. When Kyuhyun didn't reply, he said, "Gah, why do I even try? And I was so glad that you finally, after such a long time, called me by my name."

Silence went between them again for a while before Kyuhyun decided to break it. "What do you mean you were glad that I finally called you by your name?"

"Well, you always called me 'Little Waiter' when you talk to me. I was starting to believe that you never even bothered to remember my name at all. It's quite nice to finally know that you remembered my name. It proves the actual point that you and I are friends."Ryeowook said before adding in a stern voice, "And don't you try to deny that or I'll shove you straight into this fountain."

Kyuhyun's mouth was open. He was just about to say something when Ryeowook said something about them being friends but was immediately silenced when the little waiter told him not to deny it. So, instead, he just stared at Ryeowook like he was an interesting new breed of person saying, "You really are something else, aren't you?"

Ryeowook's eyebrows raised at what Kyuhyun said. Then, suddenly, he gave Kyuhyun a sharp slap in the arm. "Yah! What do you mean by that? That I'm weird or something?! I'll have you know that I'm just as, if not more normal, as you are." he said indignantly.

Kyuhyun jerked at the sudden slap. "Hey, I didn't mean it that way. I'm just saying that in a flock of crows, you'll be the white one." Kyuhyun justified.

"Okay, now that's just rude. You're actually implying that I'm an abnormal crow." Ryeowook said, crossing his arms and glaring at Kyuhyun.

"No that's not --" Kyuhyun just ended up shaking his head in amusement. "Sigh* Never mind.You still won't get it anyway."

Ryeowook pouted once more. "That's it, I'm not talking to you ever again." And he turned his back at Kyuhyun, causing the taller male to actually chuckle at the cute and childish action.

"Don't sulk like that. You look like an overgrown child." Kyuhyun said.

"I'm not talking to you." Ryeowook said, still with his back to Kyuhyun.

"You just did." Kyuhyun said, smirking. Evidently, Ryeowook took that as a point and actually stopped talking. "I'm not sure who's more like a child this time. In Sook or you." Kyuhyun said, shaking his head again. But an idea came to his mind almost as soon after.

Ryeowook was determinedly ignoring Kyuhyun, his eyes fixed on the water jetting out from the statue in the middle of the fountain. Then suddenly, a floating white something invaded his vision. A cute little bunny holding a heart with the words Special One was being dangled in front of him by Kyuhyun’s hand. “Are you gonna stop sulking or what?” Kyuhyun asked from behind Ryeowook.

“Waah~ So cute!” Ryeowook squealed before reaching up to grab the bunny but it was immediately pulled away by Kyuhyun. “Yah!”

“I thought you’re not talking to me.” Kyuhyun said, smirking. The bunny was still in his hand.

“Aww, give it.” Ryeowook said, standing up to reach for the bunny, which Kyuhyun automatically placed out of reach. “You’re so unfair. Give it.”

“I’m not being unfair. You’re just too short.” Kyuhyun teased as Ryeowook stood on tiptoes just to reach the bunny.

“And I’m the one who’s being a child now?” Ryeowook muttered. His face was so close to Kyuhyun’s that their lips were only inches apart, not that any of them noticed anyways. But someone definitely noticed it.

“Ryeowook!” a loud voice suddenly called, surprising both Ryeowook and Kyuhyun. It was Sungmin. And right behind him were Eunhyuk and Donghae. The latter was holding a very familiar fishbowl with a very familiar fish inside.

Jealousy was painted on Sungmin’s face but Ryeowook didn’t notice it at all as he yelled, “Sungmin-hyung.”, dashing off to hug the older male who immediately welcomed his hug.

“Shit, Ryeowook. Where have you been? We’ve been looking for you for ages.” Sungmin said, in a mixture of relief and slight annoyance. He hugged Ryeowook back but his eyes were fixed on Kyuhyun, glaring. “Well, well, well. So much for leaving, eh, Kyuhyun-sshi?” he said in an acidic tone.

Kyuhyun did not say anything but he did return the glare. Once again, Sungmin was there to ruin his steadily improving mood.

Ryeowook released Sungmin and said, “It’s actually quite fortunate that Kyuhyun-sshi was still around. When you disappeared, he agreed to help me look for you.”

“Agreed? More like forced to agree.” Kyuhyun said, and Ryeowook just stuck out his tongue at him, which made him smirk lightly, which in turn made Sungmin’s glare increase in intensity.

“Hey, Ryeowook. Guess what? We found Little Fishy.” Donghae said excitedly, almost shoving the fishbowl in Ryeowook’s face.

Ryeowook looked questioningly at Eunhyuk, who just shrugged and said, “Turns out Donghae left it to one of the personnel managing the rides and forgot all about it.” Shaking his head, he added, “And he was the one with the nerve to break up with me because he was so convinced that I left the fish.”

Donghae pouted at Eunhyuk. “I said I was sorry.” he said in a low voice.

While Ryeowook was preoccupied by the two having their ‘Lover’s Quarrel’, Sungmin and Kyuhyun were practically trying to burn each other down with their glares.

“Had a good time with him?” Sungmin asked testily.

“If you call having to walk around bickering with him ‘FUN’, then yes, I was having the time of my life.” Kyuhyun replied.

Kyuhyun’s face was impassive once again that Sungmin could not read if Kyuhyun was being sarcastic or not. But still he said, “I told you to keep away. He doesn’t need someone like you to keep ruining his life. He’s already been through enough so just leave him the fuck alone.”

Kyuhyun frowned. “You think you’re being overprotective over him because of the things about his past but you still managed to let him wander off and get lost.”

Sungmin was dumbfounded by what Kyuhyun said. “He told you about that?” When Kyuhyun did not reply to confirm it, he assumed the answer. “I don’t know how you managed to get him to trust you enough to let you know about that part of his life, but since you know that already, then you should probably know why you, or anyone like you, is not allowed near him.”

“What do you mean by that?” Kyuhyun asked.

“Just look at him, will you?” Sungmin growled. Kyuhyun looked sideways at Ryeowook who was laughing lightly at the Eunhae couple. “Did you know how long it took before he could laugh like that again? Before he could even smile like he usually does?”

“You’re a dangerous person, Kyuhyun-sshi. I wouldn’t be surprised to know if anyone is already planning for your murder even as we speak right now given how infamous you are. Just being near you is dangerous enough. So I beg you, if ever you still have any pity left in that empty heart of yours, don’t drag Ryeowook into your world. Because the longer you are together, the closer the danger comes to him.” Sungmin said. His voice wasn’t of anger and jealousy this time. He was just stating a fact.

“Don’t tell me what I can and can’t do.” Kyuhyun said in a low voice. He wasn’t really convinced of what Sungmin was saying. What did the chef know about him anyway?

“Hey. What are you talking about?” Ryeowook said, suddenly appearing.

“Nothing. I was just thanking Kyuhyun-sshi for accompanying you here.” Sungmin said. He was a pretty good liar, Kyuhyun noticed. “He was just about to leave, actually.” he added, ignoring the glare Kyuhyun was sending his way.

“Oh, that’s right.” Ryeowook said suddenly. Then he bowed low to Kyuhyun. “Thank you for coming with me, Kyuhyun-sshi. And sorry for dragging you along. I don’t know if you enjoyed anything but still, I’m glad you still came with me this time around.”

Kyuhyun just looked at Ryeowook, noting how much sincerity was in the little waiter’s voice as he thanked him. Then, after a moment, Kyuhyun lightly pushed his head down saying, “Enough of that, will you? You’re embarrassing the both of us.”

Ryeowook straightened up, pouting as he massaged his head. Of course, it wasn’t painful at all. The action was just to show Kyuhyun that what he did wasn’t nice at all. “Yah, I was just being formal with you.” He said.

“Well don’t be. It’s embarrassing. ” Kyuhyun scoffed before grabbing Ryeowook’s hand and made it so the palm was facing up. “Here. You wanted this, didn’t you?” He placed the little bunny phone accessory in Ryeowook’s palm.

“You don’t want it anymore, Kyuhyun-sshi?” Ryeowook asked, confused.

“Me? As if. I’m not as childish as you, you know. And drop the ‘sshi’, won’t you? You’re making me sound like a business man, worse, an older man. And I’m prepared to bet that despite your height, you’ll be older than me.” Kyuhyun said.

“Hey, no need to be so rude in denying it, you know.” Ryeowook said, pouting. But deep inside, he was happy. Not just because of the bunny but also because he was actually given permission now to drop the honorifics. A sign that he’s finally getting closer with the taller male. “Thanks. I’ll make sure not to loose it.” he said.

“You better not loose it.” Kyuhyun said with emphasis. He was probably still thinking of something else to say but Sungmin cleared his throat rather loudly which made him roll his eyes. “And since someone is trying to throw me out rather unceremoniously, I guess that means I’m leaving.”

Without so much ado, Kyuhyun turned on his heels and walked away.

“Hey, Kyuhyun. Are you going to the restaurant tomorrow?” Ryeowook asked but Kyuhyun only responded with a short wave of goodbye and just walked on.

“Finally.” Sungmin said when Kyuhyun finally left. “Now then, where do you want to go?”

“We’re still going to some rides?” Eunhyuk asked, he was visibly tired already. “But we’re tired already.”

“Well, you can just go home by yourselves. Wookie and I are still going for some rides, right, Wookie?”

“I think we should go home already, hyung. It’s getting rather late. And we all still have work tomorrow.” Ryeowook said.

And with that final blow to his chance to enjoy his moment with Ryeowook, it took all of Sungmin’s strength, determination and will to stop the stream of curses from different languages from exploding out of his lips. Why can’t he ever win?

Not having any choice left, Sungmin reluctantly just agreed to take them home.

None of them were aware of a couple of persons looking at them from a distance away.

“Ah, so that’s the one they were talking about. Jaejoong wasn’t kidding when he said that kid was rather cute." Heechul said, licking at his ice cream cone slowly as he sat in the bench.

The one he was with, Henry, didn't respond to what he said and instead he just kept looking at Ryeowook who was smiling at that time. Heechul, noticing how he was staring at the young man who was shorter even than Henry, smirked.

"See something you like?" he asked.

Again, Henry didn't respond.

"Well, then. Whatever my baby wants, he shall get, right?" Heechul said, with an evil smile. "Oh, I just can't wait to see what that Angel's reaction would be."

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Seeking Light - Chapter 12C

Title: Seeking Light
Pairings: Kyuwook, Minwook, Eunhae, Kangteuk, Sihanchul, Heeteuk!friendship ( a lot more later, i promise)
Rating: PG13 maybe ( i'm not sure anymore)

Summary: Kyuhyun was born and raised as a member of the Dark Society, an organization where death and killing were inevitable and violence was part of life. Not even as he left the organization has he left that part of his life. Then comes Ryeowook, a young man who has absolutely little-to-no idea about the dark and violent reality of society. Can he shed light to Kyuhyun's darkness? Or will he fall prey to the Dark Society?

Chapter 12

Part A here

Part B here

Part C

To say that Sungmin was mad would be a sever understatement. He was enraged, scandalized and was just plainly in wrath.

He took Ryeowook to the ice cream parlor after the earlier events to take his mind off the illness that Sungmin had faked and also so that he could show the little waiter how sweet he can be in comparison to the living statue called "Kyuhyun". To add more to his charm, he ordered Ryeowook his favorite ice cream combination and even made a point to treat Eunhyuk and Donghae as well. But all in all, he only got Ryeowook's (and also Eunhae's) gratitude. Not his entire attention. Ryeowook was too busy trying to convince Kyuhyun to have some ice cream to even notice Sungmin's brooding.

"Come on, Kyuhyun-sshi. it won't be fun if there's someone who's not eating with us." Ryeowook pleaded to the man sitting across him.

"How many times am I going to tell you that I don't eat ice cream?" Kyuhyun said, rubbing his temple. They've been going at it for a while already.

"Why not? It's cold, it's sweet amd it's delicious. Sungmin-hyung is even treating us." Ryeowook said with a pout. The ice cream on his spoon was already beginning to melt.

Kyuhyun took a glance at Sungmin and noticed the frightening aura the older male was emitting towards him. "Yeah, and he'll be soooo happy to treat me." Kyuhyun muttered sarcastically before looking back at the little waiter. "And for the last time, I don't eat that disgusting-looking stuff and I never will."

"Just like what a famous philosopher said, 'Never say never'. Oh, wait, or was it that famous singer who sang that." Rryeowook said thoughtfully before continuing, "Anyway, just try it. How can you say it's disgusting when you haven't tried it yet. Come on. It wouldn't kill you to try, you know."

Looking at the adorable pout that Ryeowook was plastering on his face made Kyuhyun sigh deeply and say, "Fine.If I try it once then you'll stop bugging me?"

A bright smile immediately replaced the pout on Ryeowook's face. "Of course. Now what would you --"

Ryeowook was about to ask what flavor Kyuhyun would like to order when suddenly, Kyuhyun leaned forward to him, their faces only inches apart.

For Ryeowook, time seemed to stop. This was the second time he had his face this close to Kyuhyun's handsome face (the first time was when he was treating Kyuhyun's wound just over a week ago). The noises seemed to die down as he saw himself reflected in Kyuhyun's eyes. Everything was in mute except for the quickening heartbeats of his heart.

But then, time began to move again and the noises came back as Kyuhyun's face moved away from him as he sat back down on his chair.

"Mmm...so this is what an ice cream tastes like. It's not bad but still a bit too sweet for my taste." Kyuhyun mumbled, licking his lips.

It took Ryeowook a while before he noticed that the ice cream on his spoon has now disappeared. "Yah! You ate my ice cream!" he yelled.

Kyuhyun narrowly dodged when Ryeowook tried to hit him with the spoon. "What?! You told me to try it." Kyuhyun defended.

"Yes I did. But you were supposed to order your OWN ice cream. Not take a bite out of MINE." Ryeowook said, pouting.

"Oh." Kyuhyun said, as if just realizing something. "You should have been more specific then."

Ryeowook's eyebrows raised. So this is My fault now?, he wanted to reply but then figured out that he can't win an argument with Kyuhyun so he just settled himself to eating what is left of his ice cream.

Ryeowook scooped the last of his ice cream from his bowl and was about to raise it to his mouth when Sungmin's hand suddenly reached over and knocked the spoon off the little waiter's hand, causing it to fall to the ground.

"Omo...I'm so sorry, Wookie-ah. There was a fly buzzing around a moment ago and i was trying to shoo it away." Sungmin said with a startled apologetic look.

Actually, there was no fly. Sungmin's had purposefully knocked the spoon away. He wasn't blind. He saw Kyuhyun's lips touch that spoon when he ate Ryeowook's ice cream earlier. If he let Ryeowook use the same spoon, then wouldn't that mean that Kyuhyun's lips had just touched Ryeowook's?

Sungmin's jealousy didn't allow that. Like I'll let you kiss MY Wookie, you jerk., Sungmin thought as he glared at Kyuhyun.

"Ah...it's okay, Sungmin-hyung. It was just a bit of ice cream." Ryeowook said with an understanding smile. He was still rather oblivious to the lies Sungmin kept saying. "It's no big deal."

"I feel bad about the ice cream, though. Ah, tell you what, you can have my ice cream instead." Sungmin offered.

"But it's yours, hyung." Ryeowook said, noticing the spoonfull of ice cream on Sungmin's bowl.

"It's okay. You can have it. " Sungmin said, raising the spoon with ice cream on it. "Come on. Say 'ah'."

Ryeowook giggled cutely before he opened his mouth lo let Sungmin feed him like a child.

"Yum. This tastes good, hyung." Ryeowook said with a huge smile. He didn't notice the bit of ice cream staining the right corner of his mouth. "Thanks."

Sungmin felt like squealing at the fact that he just had an indirect kiss with Ryeowook and also at the cuteness Ryeowook was showing. But he controlled himself and instead, he placed a hand on the little waiter's cheek and gently wiped off the ice cream. "You're being adorable again, Wookie-ah." he said in a calm tone.

Ryeowook felt a blush creep on his face as Sungmin caressed his cheeks. The words made him blush even more. "Yah. Don't treat me like a child, hyung." Ryeowook whined which only made Sungmin laugh.

"But you ARE adorable." Sungmin said.

Kyuhyun felt uncomfortable all of a sudden. Was it because of the ice cream he ate that he suddenly felt cold all over? Or was it because of what he sees between Ryeowook and Sungmin that's making him this way?

All of a sudden, Kyuhyun stood up, startling the other four people who was sitting in the same table as him. "Aren't you quite finished yet, little waiter? Or do you want to order yet another ice cream? Because if you do, I'm going home already." he said, coldly. "I don't have all night to waste on you."

Ryeowook had been startled when Kyuhyun stood up, but what Kyuhyun had said pierced his heart. Was he really just a waste of time? Well, that might be it. Maybe he was really wasting Kyuhyun's time. The taller male definitely didn't look like he was enjoying his time with them --with him.

Sungmin was also upset, but not for the same reason as Ryeowook. He was just disappointeed that Kyuhyun's action destroyed the precious moment he was having with Ryeowook earlier.

"If you really think you're wasting time then you probably should just go home already." Sungmin suggested.

"Maybe I should then." Kyuhyun agreed.

Kyuhyun turned to walk away but then he found that he can't. Someone was holding the sleeves of his jacket. Ryeowook?

"D-Don't go just yet. We haven't even started having fun yet." Ryeowook said, pleading as his hands gripped the fabric of Kyuhyun's jacket. He didn't know why he would be pleading, but he did know that he didn't want Kyuhyun to leave him. It just seemed so important to him to see a smile on that face. "Please."

Kyuhyun looked at him for a while as if studying his face. He looked torn between going with Ryeowook or just get back to his damned bedroom in the Angel's main house.

"Please." Ryeowook said again. "Just stay for at least an hour more. I swear, if you don't enjoy yourself by then, then you can leave with my apologies for wasting your time. Just stay for a bit longer with us. Please~?"

Kyuhyun's eyes stared directly into Ryeowook's. Then, three...two...one..."Fine. Have it your way. But an hour is an hour. I won't stick around longer than that." he said, finally.

Ryeowook's smile appeared once again in his face. "Deal." he said.

Sungmin, who looked badly ignored in the background, sighed heavily. "By the gods." he swore, looking up to the sky. "Is someone punishing me up there?" Sungmin totally ignored the puzzled glances he was receiving from Donghae and Eunhyuk.

"Sungmin-hyung is getting scary again." Donghae murmured to Eunhyuk.

"Better not say that out loud, Hae-ah. Hyung is gonna skin you alive." Eunhyuk said.

After some time, all five found themselves walking in a sea of hundreds of people along the highly colorful booths and little shops in one area of the amusement park. Everything was great. Each booths and shops had different things to offer. Some were selling foods whose yummy fragrance was filling he area. There are also shops that sell just about anything --from candies and small accessories to highly ridiculus items. And then, there were the game booths that contained mountains of prizes to be won.

The noise was tremendous. What with the people on the booths and shops calling out for customers, family members looking for their other companions, children playing games, and a whole lot of other noises.

"Whoa. Awesome." Donghae gasped, his eyes going haywire. There were so many to see that his eyes just kept darting from one booth to another as they walked.

"Look! Fishy!" Donghae suddenly yelled upon seeing a game booth that had numerous bowls of goldfishes. Excitedly, he pulled Eunhyuk along with him towards the booth like a rag doll.

"Yah! Don't go running off too far, you brats!" Sungmin yelled after them. "Aish, those kids. Will it kill them to just slow down for once? They're gonna knock some people off the streets if they'r not careful." Sungmin muttered when the Eunhae couple failed to hear him.

"At this point, I'm more concerned on whether Eunhyuk-hyung will get his joints dislocated from all the pulling Donghae-hyung is doing." Ryeowook said.

Ryeowook sighed. It was good to see that at least some of them are enjoying themselves. Unlike Kyuhyun though who didn't even look impressed with what was surrounding him.

It probably came with all the harsh trainings that Kyuhyun had to endure while he was still his father's protege that his emotions became so contained. He can't even show how he really felt most of the time.

But Ryeowook was wrong, though. Kyuhyun was pretty much impressed with what he was seeing. He's never been in a place like this before. He's never seen so many weird things being sold. he's not even familiar with any of the games that some of the booths are showcasing. The whole place was, for him, a whole new twist from his reality.

"Neh, Umma, Appa, are we going to come back here again?" Kyuhyun heard a little boy say to his parents, who were holding each of his tiny little hands.

"Of course, baby." the mother said with a sweet smile.

"We'll come back here as many times as you want, son." the father added.

"Yay!" the little kid cheered.

Kyuhyun stared at the happy family for a while. For some reason, the happiness the little boy was showing irritated him. "Hmp." he scoffed, tearing his eyes away.

Ryeowook apparently didn't miss the scoffing as he asked, "Hey, what's wrong with you?"

"Nothing." Kyuhyun said, dismissively.

"Don't worry about him too much, Wookie-ah. He's a grown man afterall." Sungmin said before suddenly spotting something. "Hey, look." he exclaimed pointing to something just ahead of them.

Following Sungmin's finger, Ryeowook spotted what his hyung was pointing at. And when he did, he gave a huge squeal. "Waah~" Ryeowook said in a high-voice as he rushed towards a booth. "It's so cute!" he said, as he eyed the cute bunny stuffed toy on display along with other stuffed animals.

The old man managing the booth smiled at Ryeowook. "Good taste. This one is the most popular among the rest here. And it's one of a kind."

"How much is it?" Ryeowook asked, his eyes sparkling.

"Oh, I'm not selling it." the man said. "This beauty is a prize. If you want it, then you'll have to win it."

"Win it?" Ryeowook asked, confused.

"Yep. It's just a simple game, really. All you have to do is to shoot the targets and you win." the man explained.

All three looked behind the old man and saw a train of colorful ducks on a platform. On either side of the platform was a tunnel.

"Of course, I won't make it easy. The platform moves in a circle making the ducks go in and out of the tunnels. And to make the game more interesting, you can only hit the red ducks. If you can hit 10 red ducks, you win. Hit the ducks of another color and you loose. Only 10 bullets are in the gun so if you miss one red duck then you have less chances to win. Simple, isn't it?" the old man said.

"Sounds hard." Ryeowook said, shoulders drooping.

"Well, it's worth a shot, right?" Sungmin said, encouragingly. "Go on. Try it." Sungmin pushed Ryeowook forward.

"Oooh...a challenger then." the old man said smiling widelyas he started the engine, which caused the platform to start moving. "Best luck to you then." he added, handling Ryeowook a toy gun.

Ryeowook looked confusedly at the gun. How the heck do you hold this thing?, Ryeowook wondered. As he fumbled with the gun, his finger accidentally squeezed the trigger. The gun made a loud POP-ing noise followed by a low groan from the old man.

"Wow, that was a head shot." Kyuhyun commented. "I didn't know you had it in you."

"Sorry~" Ryeowook said, meekly.

"No, no. It's okay. At least it wasn't a real gun. You still have 9 shots so please continue." the old man said, rubbing the sore part of his head.

Ryeowook looked doubtfully at the gun before aiming it at the moving ducks. After a few moments, Ryeowook squeezed the trigger and at the same time, he squeezed his eyes shut.

Ryeowook had fired 3 shots before he stopped to look at his progress. And Lo!, he hit... nothing. Unsurprising really since he did shut his eyes.

"Yah, you didn't hit a thing. Why'd you close your eyes?" Kyuhyun scolded. "How'll you hit anything with your eyes closed?"

"Well, I'm not used to guns you know." Ryeowook defended himself. "And I've never tried hitting moving targets yet, either."

"All, you have to do is aim and shoot. It's not really that hard. You still have 6 shots left. You still can hit something." Sungmin said, calmly.

Ryeowook sighed and raised his gun again, aiming at a coming red duck. He fired thrice again and still didn't hit anything. He pouted. "I can't do it. I just can't hit anything."

"Well that's because you'r holding your gun wrong." Kyuhyun said. He immediately went behind Ryeowook and grabbed the little waiter's hands, guiding them slowly. "Here. This is how you hold a gun."

Ryeowook felt the warmth of Kyuhyun's body on his back and on his hands. Kyuhyun's hands were a bit rougher compared to his and more calloused. But they were uncharacteristically gentle. As if they were holding something fragile.

"Keep your hands steady. You eyes on the site. Don't get so easily distracted and just relax your muscles. Let your finger do all the work and just squeeze." Kyuhyun said to him. His mouth was close to Ryeowook that he could feel the warm breath on his ears.

Sungmin immediately pulled Kyuhyun away. "Ever heard of personal space, punk? Get some distance." Sungmin said.

At the sudden loss of warmth, Ryeowook felt anxious. He would have liked Kyuhyun to just stay there. But then, that would be kind of awkward, right? Sighing, he repeated what Kyuhyun had said in his head and pulled the trigger.

Ryeowook shot twice. The first one missed the red duck but came close to it. The second one it the pink duck that was just right next to the red duck.

"I got one!" Ryeowook said, excitedly.

"Good job, Wookie-ah." Sungmin said, happily.

"That was horrible. You shot the wrong duck." Kyuhyun said.

"Yah! Can't you just be happy for me for once?" Ryeowook muttered, pouting before he raised his gun again.

"Just relax and breath. You know you'll hit it." Kyuhyun said almost in a murmur.

Ryeowook slowly breathed out and squeezed. The next thing he knew, a red duck came flying off the platform.

"I hit it." Ryeowook gasped as if he couldn't believe what he just did. After the shock has passed, he screamed, "I did it! I hit a real target!"

"Good job, Wookie-ah." Sungmin said with a huge smile, ruffling Ryeowook's hair.

"Not bad. You nearly missed it though." Kyuhyun said. His face was impassive but he seemed happy.

"Yeah. Congratulations on hitting a red duck. You could have won something for that. Unfortunately for you, though, you also hit a duck of another color. Which means...you loose!" the old man happily announced. Automatically, all happy smile disappeared. "Oops. Looks like I had just popped the happy balloon."

"Are you really supposed to be that happy when someone looses?" Sungmin asked at the sudden spoil of mood the old man produced.

"It's my job." the old man said, shrugging. "Anyway, better luck next time."

"Annoying old man." Sungmin muttered before turning to a dejected-looking Ryeowook. "Aww, don't be sad, Wookie-ah. That was your first game. I can buy you a bunny just as cute as that one, you'll see." he said.

Ryeowook looked at the stuffed bunny and sighed. "It's okay, hyung. I don't really mind not winning. Let's look for other games." he said, forcing a smile.

Kyuhyun looked at Ryeowook for a while, feeling his heart twinging. "You know, I don't understand why you feel that depressed over a toy." Kyuhyun said. Then looking away, he added, "If you want it so badly then why don't you just ask someone to win it for you? Winning it would be no problem at all for me."

"Being overconfident much?" Sungmin scoffed.

"I'm merely stating a fact." Kyuhyun said before standing in front of the booth.

"You're really gonna win me that bunny/" Ryeowook asked, both surprised and happy at what Kyuhyun was doing for him.

"If it will shut your whining then why not?" Kyuhyun responded, taking a toy gun. A moment later, Sungmin stood beside him and took a gun from the smirking old man as well.

"If you think that I'll let you get the spotlight then you are sadly mistaken. I'm gonna win that bunny." Sungmin murmured so that only Kyuhyun would hear him.

"Don't get too cocky, Mr. Chef. I grew up with gun." Kyuhyun said without looking at Sungmin.

"What a coincidence." Sungmin said, checking the magazine of his gun to make sure that there are indeed 10 bullets inside. "So did I." he added, sliding the magazine back into place.

You could almost feel the heat coming from both of them as they prepared for the game to start.

"Okay, boys. You ready? Thee...two...one...start!" the old man said as he pressed the button that will make the platform start moving.

As soon as the red ducks began to appear on the platform, the guns began to fire. One by one, the red ducks began to fly off and somersault in the air as the bullet hit them. Every shot was precise. Not one bullet missed a target.

Kyuhyun glanced at Sungmin as the other shoot his gun like a child, and he found himself wondering about the other man. At first glance, it seemed that Sungmin never really had held a gun before in his life and all of his shots now have been purely coincidental. But Kyuhyun saw something else. The chef was trying to look badly trained on purpose. He was tying hard to conceal it but he was really a professional when it comes to shooting.

"Not bad. It seems that you weren't kidding when you said you grew up with a gun." Kyuhyun said. "You really want to beat me so badly that you're starting to reveal yourself through your mask."

"You have absolutely no idea." Sungmin said darkly.

Kyuhyun frowned not at the response but at the acidity of how Sungmin said it. It was just like how he said it when he told Kyuhyun to stay away from Ryeowook. It wasn't just jealousy that was in his voice but pure loathing.

"And yes. I want to beat you so badly. So, excuse me." Sungmin said, kicking Kyuhyun non-too-gently at the onkle as the other male prepared to shoot his last bullet.

Caught off-guard at the sudden kick, Kyuhyun accidentally squeezed the trigger causing the bullet to shoot out, missing the red duck he was aiming at and hitting the yellow duck right next to it.

"Heh, looks like I won." Sungmin said, grinning wickedly at Kyuhyun as the cheers began to erupt around them. (Since when did the audience get there?)

"Cheater." Kyuhyun muttered, massaging his leg which was throbbing in pain from the kick Sungmin had just done to him. It was a huge wonder that despite the number of audiences, no one seemed to notice that kick.

"All is fair in love and war~" Sungmin said in a sing-song voice before Ryeowook ran to hug him.

"Woah, that was awesome, hyung! You hit all ten red duck without miss!" Ryeowook said, happily.

"Well, I've always told you that I'll do just about everything for you, right? I'll give you just about everything you want if i'm able to." Sungmin said before taking the stuffed bunny from the stack of toys and giving it to Ryeowook. "And I believe this is what you want?"

Ryeowook giggled and hugged Sungmin again. "Thank you, Sungmin-hyung."

Sungmin grinned at Kyuhyun again almost as if saying, Be jealous. Be VERY jealous. Kyuhyun just glared at him until he felt someone poking him. It was the old man.

"Hey," the old man said. "That was really some game you've had there. I almost thought you'd win for sure. Too bad about the last shot though. I would still have given you a prize but then you did hit a duck of another color so you still lost every point. But tell you what, you can have this little thing as a prize. i guess it's better that you have this than none at all, no?"

The old man placed a small cellphone chain accessory in Kyuhyun's hand. It was a little white bunny holding a heart. For a while, Kyuhyun's attention was directed towards the words written on the heart. Special One

"Give that to someone special to you. I guarantee, that person will love it." the old man said with a wink before he walked away.

"Someone special, huh?" Kyuhyun mumbled. Well, as far as he knows, there's no one who fit that type of description to him. Unless...

Kyuhyun found his gaze shifting from the bunny to Ryeowook who was looking at his stuffed bunny rather fondly. His smile at that moment as angelic. Then, much to Kyuhyun's surprise, the little waiter's eyes met his. Electricity seemed to run inside Kyuhyun that he couldn't help but just look away. By the time his heart was calm nough to let im look back at Ryeowook, the little waiter was already busy laughing and chatting with Sungmin about the bunny.

"It IS cute. And it looks just like you." Sungmin said, earning a blush from Ryeowook.

Kyuhyun frowned at the sight. The next thing he knew, he had put the little bunny cellphone accessory inside his pocket. "He's not worth it." he muttered to himself.

"Yah, are you finished fanboying over that?" Kyuhyun asked walking nearer to Ryeowook and Sungmin.

"No. Why? Want to fanboy over it, too?" Sungmin asked with a smirk as he raised the bunny to Kyuhyun's face. "Like it? You nearly won it earlier. Too bad, don't you think?"

Kyuhyun merely ignored Sungmin's taunting. He knew the other was just wishing he would snap and look extra bad in front of Ryeowook. He wasn't about to give the older male that sort of satisfaction. Pushing the bunny off his face, he looked at Ryeowook. The little waiter nearly flinched at the coldness of that gaze.

"Your one hour is up, little waiter." Kyuhyun said. "Are you going to apologize for wasting my time now?"

Part D coming soon...i hope

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Seeking Light - Chapter 12B

Title: Seeking Light
Pairings: Kyuwook, Minwook, Eunhae, Kangteuk, Sihanchul, Heeteuk!friendship ( a lot more later, i promise)
Rating: PG13 maybe ( i'm quite violent, hehe)

Summary: Kyuhyun was born and raised as a member of the Dark Society, an organization where death and killing were inevitable and violence was part of life. Not even as he left the organization has he left that part of his life. Then comes Ryeowook, a young man who has absolutely little-to-no idea about the dark and violent reality of society. Can he shed light to Kyuhyun's darkness? Or will he fall prey to the Dark Society?

Chapter 12

Part A here

Part B

Outside the gates, the amusement park looked like any other amusement park. But on the inside, the whole place looked spectacularly amazing. Everything from the rides to the trashcan looked extremely well thought of. Even someone as cold as Kyuhyun couldn't help but look in awe at the place. But his external features still showed coldness. Unlike some people.

"Whoa, this place is HUGE!" Donghae said out loud like a child seeing an airplane for the first time.

"Awesome! How high do you think that is? A hundred feet?" Eunhyuk said gaping at the REALLY tall ferris wheel with his mouth hanging open.

"Careful now. Your jaw might fall off." Sungmin said, pushing Eunhyuk's jaw up to close his loosely hanging mouth.

"Hey, isn't that the famous Hurricane Ride?!" Donghae screeched excitedly before speeding off. But Sungmin managed to grab him by the back of his shirt.

"Hold it. Who says you can run off on your own? There are hundreds of people here, a number of restaurants, and a good deal many rides. How long do you think it would take for us to look for you if you get lost? We have no time for that so either you stay put or I put a leash on you." Sungmin said, pulling Donghae back. Donghae looked a lot like a puppy being pulled by the leash. "Jeez, I just can't keep my eyes off you for a second."

"I think that's being a bit too harsh, hyung." Ryeowook said, half amused with what's going on, half worried that Sungmin might really get a leash. "Anyway, we came here to have fun, didn't we?"

"Yeah. A lot of fun." Kyuhyun said sarcastically. He was still annoyed of the fact that it wasn't only gonna be him and Ryeowook and also that he's gotta be spending his time with a couple of kid-like waiters and a bad-tempered chef who did nothing but glare at him since the moment they saw each other. "What with a lot of noisy, screaming people, blinding colored lights and some dumb-looking rides? Of course, we'll be having fun."

"You need to lighten up a bit, you know that?" Ryeowook said, pouting at Kyuhyun's lack of enthusiasm.

"Well, that's what you get for inviting a stick in the mud." Sungmin said. Kyuhyun frowned at him.

"A stick in the mud? Where?" Donghae asked, intrigued. "I don't see any mud."

"That's because that was supposed to be a figure of speech, dummy." Sungmin said, massaging his temple. "Anyway, why don't we get started on the fun? Where do you want to go first, Wook-ah?"

Ryeowook thought for a while. "Well, there is one ride I wanted to try out for a long time." he said after a while.

It only took them a couple oh minutes to locate the ride that Ryeowook was thinking about.

"A roller coaster?" Kyuhyun asked as watched the screaming people on the speeding roller coaster. "This is your idea of having fun? It looks a lot dangerous."

"What's the matter? Scared that someone might hear you scream like a little girl?" Sungmin sneered. "Because if you are, then you are much welcome to stay here, sissy boy."

"Be nice, hyung." Ryeowook said.

"I'm not a screamer. I've ridden cars a lot faster than that." Kyuhyun said. "If anyone looks like a sissy here, then I'm positive that it's you."

"Enough with the arguments, please." Ryeowook said.

"Really now? Why don't we see who's tougher then?" Sungmin replied.

"Hyung." Ryeowook whined.

"I don't need a childish ride like this to prove how tough I am." Kyuhyun said coldly.

Ryeowook pouted at the two. None of them seemed to hear him at all as they lashed out at each other. Did he become invisible all of a sudden?

"Hey, are we going to ride or not?" Ryeowook whined.

All of a sudden, Sungmin took Ryeowook's hand in his and led him to the roller coaster. "Come on, Wookie-ah. We don't need someone like him to ruin our fun." Sungmin said as he pulled the younger male.

Ryeowook however, reached out to Kyuhyun and got hold of his sleeves just as Sungmin was pulling him away. He didn't see the angry and pained expression that passed on Sungmin's face when he grabbed Kyuhyun. Nor did he notice the sudden tightening of Sungmin's hand on his.

"Aren't you coming, Kyuhyun-sshi?" Ryeowook asked. "Come on. Ride with us. I promise it will be fun."

After seeing the bright smile on Ryeowook's face, Kyuhyun knew that he cannot bring himself to resist him. And before he was even aware of it, he was letting himself get dragged along with Ryeowook.

Nearly 10 minutes later...

Kyuhyun was bent over the trashcan nearest to the roller coaster ride with his face almost completely inside the mouth of the trashcan. Ryeowook was right behind him, rubbing his back in circles as he vomited out what used to be his lunch.

"I must say, you really weren't a 'screamer'. But you're definitely quite the 'vomiter'."Sungmin said smirking as he watched Kyuhyun hurl out just about everything he had inside his stomach. Beside him on the bench was a slightly shaken Eunhyuk and Donghae, whose usual neat hair looked like it had passed through one heck of a hurricane.

"Please reserve the teasing for later, hyung. I don't think making fun of him now is a very good idea." Ryeowook said worriedly. Sungmin just shrugged and stopped teasing even though he looked like he still wanted to throw more at Kyuhyun.

Ryeowook was feeling a bit guilty. He didn't actually expect that riding a roller coaster would actually ,make Kyuhyun nauseous. He just thought that since Kyuhyun looked to be the tough type, then he would enjoy a thrilling ride. So much for hoping to see a smile on that cold face, right?

"That ride was super!" Eunhyuk said after a while. His eyes were still wide from the shock.

"More than super. It was AWESOME!" Donghae said out loud. He still hasn't made a move on fixing his hair yet.

"No. It. Was. Not." Kyuhyun growled, surfacing from the mouth of the trashcan. Then he turned to glare at Ryeowook. "That was some fun I had there, by the way. Thanks a lot." he said sarcastically before his face disappeared into the trashcan again. His head was still spinning, which made his stomach lurch.

"Well, you know what they say, 'Promises are made to be broken', right?" Ryeowook said with an apologetic smile. His hand was still rubbing Kyuhyun's back, hoping to ease the taler male's dizziness.

"Yeah. The next time you promise me something, please remind me not to listen." Kyuhyun said, resurfacing again from the trashcan. He was feeling a bit better now. Ryeowook's hand was really quite comforting. How nice it would be if Ryeowook can just continue rubbing his back like that until he feels well again.

Sungmin however seemed to have read Kyuhyun's mind. "You can stop rubbing his back now, Ryeowook-ah. He loks like he's got most of his color back." Sungmin said, snatching Ryeowook's hand from Kyuhyun's back.

When Kyuhyun felt the comforting hand disappear from his back, he looked around and met Sungmin's glaring eyes.

"So what ride are we going to ride now?" Sungmin asked Ryeowook with a sweet smile.

Ryeowook took a glance at Kyuhyun, who was still a bit green on the edges. "Probably not a good idea, hyung. I think Kyuhyun-sshi could use a bit of rest for a while." Ryeowook said.

Steam was nearly coming out of Sungmin's ears. Kyuhyun, Kyuhyun, Kyuhyun! Why not worry about ME for a change!, Sungmin wanted to shout. And then suddenly, a thought hit him.

Sungmin screwed his face to show a grimace of pain. "Ahh..shit." he groaned, clutching his stomach which called Ryeowook's attention.

"What's wrong, hyung? Are you feeling okay?" Ryeowook asked immediately.

"I don't know. My stomach is feeling a bit queasy." Sungmin groaned. "Ah damn, it really hurts."

Ryeowook automatically placed a palm on each if his and Sungmin's forehead to compare temperatures. "You don't seem hot, hyung. Maybe you ate something bad." he said worriedly.

"Maybe." Sungmin said. A smile passed through his lips as Ryeowook fussed over him worriedly. Ryeowook didn't see it, but Kyuhyun did. And so did Eunhyuk and Donghae.

"Hey, hyung. You don't look sick at all." Eunhyuk said.

Sungmin threw a glare at him and said, "Yes. I. Am."

Eunhyuk got the idea immediately. Donghae, however, was perfectly clueless. "If you really are sick, then you wouldn't be--" he was cut short when Eunhyuk covered his mouth.

"Okay, Hae-baby. I think we should shut up now." Eunhyuk said, scared when he saw the warning glare Sungmin was emitting from his eyes.

Kyuhyun however, did not feel scared at all. And he also found himself resenting the care and concern Ryeowook was directing upon the chef. What's more, Sungmin was looking at him like he had just lost the match already.

"You don't have to fuss over him. It's clear that he's just faking it. He's not really in pain." Kyuhyun said.

"What do you mean he's not really in pain?" Ryeowook asked before looking back at Sungmin who put up a fake pained face as soon as the little waiter turned to look at him. "He looks definitely in pain. Just how insensitive can you be, Cho Kyuhyun?"

Kyuhyun was momentarily at loss for words at what Ryeowook just said. "I'm insensitive? You're actually claiming that I'm the one being insensitive? Just how dumb can you get?" he blurted out all of a sudden.

"Now you're actually being rude. Not anyone can be as stone-hearted as you, you know." Ryeowook said, annoyed.

"Stone-hearted, huh? Well, at least I'm smart enough to recognize an actor acting when I see one." Kyuhyun responded.

Sungmin could almost do a victory dance right now as Ryeowook and Kyuhyun argued. This was going way better than he had planned. Unconsciously, Sungmin smirked.

"Can't you be nicer for once?" Ryeowook said to a frowning Kyuhyun before looking back at Sungmin. "Oh, you're smiling now, hyung. Is the pain gone already?" he asked, confused when he saw the smirk.

"Huh?" Sungmin said lamely before he remembered that he was supposed to be suffering a severe stomachache. Shit, I became careless.

Knowing that he can't undo that mistake, he decided to play it to his advantage. "Oh, uh, yeah. It's slightly setting down now.It's still hurts a bit, though. I've got a feeling that it will come back again pretty soon."

Ryeowook sighed, still oblivious to the lie. "We should do something about that." he said worriedly. "Maybe I can get some medicine but I don't think there's a pharmacy nearby."

"Well, we can always take him to the clinic. I'm pretty sure that the doctors will be extremely pleased to have a look at your 'queasy' stomach." Kyuhyun said, pointing at a distance at a sign board which says 'CLINIC'.

"Wow, I didn't notice that there." Eunhyuk said.

"It's like it sprung out of nowhere." Donghae said in surprise.

Sungmin also seemed surprised. He never really expected that there would be a clinic nearby. Now he was really gonna get caught. Not only that, Ryeowook would probably hate him for lying about being sick. He glared automatically at Kyuhyun who looked at him with a smirk.

"What's wrong? I'm being 'nicer', aren't I?" Kyuhyun said mockingly at the glaring chef.

"No, you are NOT." Sungmin growled.

"This is great. We can have you checked up, hyung." Ryeowook said eagerly, pulling Sungmin towards the clinic.

"Err...uhh...I don't think there's a need for that. I'm feeling well already. Very, very well actually. No more pain here, haha...Why don't we get some ice cream instead?" Sungmin said automatically, pulling Ryeowook back.

"Huh? But what if the pain comes back?" Ryeowook asked, confused with the sudden stuttering of Sungmin.

"It won't come back if we get some ice cream. I heard, ice cream can make pain go numb." Sungmin said. "Come on, Eunhyuk, Donghae. Let's get going."

"But, hyung..." Ryeowook whined. He was still worried about his hyung. Even more so now because of Sungmin's weird behavior.

"Nah, don't worry about him anymore, will you? I hear good liars live longer." Kyuhyun said with a mocking sneer at Sungmin.

Sungmin glared at Kyuhyun as intensely as he could. In his eyes, he seemed to be saying,'You won this round, you jerk. But mark my words, I'm not gonna give up that easily'

Although Kyuhyun practically had no idea on why he was actually going into a competition with Sungmin on Ryeowook's attention. He felt himself up to the challenge. 'Let's just see about that., he thought to himself.

(a/n: well, i remembered some parts but on the other parts I had to improvise...I'm sorry about this part:(...not really as good as I had wanted it to be, but i still finished it...sigh*...i hope no one is very disappointed in this part...

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Seeking Light - Chapter 12A

Title: Seeking Light
Pairings: Kyuwook, Minwook, Eunhae, Kangteuk, Sihanchul, Heeteuk!friendship ( a lot more later, i promise)
Rating: PG13 maybe ( i'm quite violent, hehe)

Summary: Kyuhyun was born and raised as a member of the Dark Society, an organization where death and killing were inevitable and violence was part of life. Not even as he left the organization has he left that part of his life. Then comes Ryeowook, a young man who has absolutely little-to-no idea about the dark and violent reality of society. Can he shed light to Kyuhyun's darkness? Or will he fall prey to the Dark Society?

Chapter 12

Part A

Kyuhyun had just turned 10 years old. While children at this age would usually be preparing themselves for school and playing with friends, Kyuhyun though was preparing for the next phase of his education as a member of the Dar Society. Killing.

At this age, Kyuhyun would be accompanying his mentor in finding and eliminating a target.

The first part was easy. Kyuhyun had been quite an exceptionally gifted child. However, problems began to arise on the second phase -- eliminating the target.

Kyuhyun held his gun steadily, pointing it to a man cowering on the ground. He was a wealthy business man who had crossed the head of the Dark Society by refusing to make a deal with them.

"P-Please, d-don't shoot me. M-My wife is already dead. N-No one will take care of my little boy when I'm gone. Please. I-I'll make the deal. I swear. S-So please don't shoot me. Not in front of my son." the man pleaded. The said little boy was being held back by Kyuhyun's mentor. He was only 5 years old.

"Oh please. We're not interested in your sob stories. You should have made the deal when it was offered I'm afraid that it's a bit too late for you." the mentor said, coldly before turning to Kyuhyun. "What are you waiting for? Take the shot already."

Kyuhyun stiffened at the order. He knew he had to follow but he was distracted by the little boy's cries. Other than that, something inside him was refusing to let him pull the trigger. He didn't want the child to see what he was about to do.

"C-Can he be removed from this room, sir?" Kyuhyun asked, referring to the little boy.

"No, I don't think so. I want him to watch. So that the next time he ever get across another Dark Society, he'll no better than to refuse demands." Kyuhyun's mentor said evilly.

"But--" Kyuhyun began, but he was cut short.

"Enough. Just do what you're supposed to do." his mentor snapped.

Kyuhyun hesitated and took a sideways glance at the sobbing child. The look of pity on his face didn't escape his mentor's watchful eye. And what he saw didn't please him.

"Pathetic, Kyuhyun." he said, shoving Kyuhyun aside which almost knocked him to the ground. "Just how hard is it to kill a man in front of a child?"

A loud BANG! echoed throughout the room. Kyuhyun's eyes widened as he watched the man collapse to the floor with blood oozing from a hole on his forehead. The little boy, whom the mentor had let go already, ran to his father's corpse, screaming and crying.

The next thing Kyuhyun knew, a heavy hand struck him hard on the face which caused him to really fall down to the ground. "You're a disgrace. You hesitate to kill just because a child is present?! What a sorry excuse for a student." his mentor snapped at him.

Kyuhyun's cheek was stinging but he didn't cry. he has never cried in years. He had been forbidden to show that sort of weakness.

His mentor grabbed him roughly by the collar of his shirt which ripped the thin fabric, revealing a tattoo etched on the skin of his chest precisely above where his heart was located. It was an imprint of the letters D and S made up of chains and barbed wires.

"See this mark? You have been branded with it immediately after you were born. THIS signifies where you belong. And THIS dictates what you are expected to be. You are expected to be a member of the Dark Society. A true killer. You're not supposed to show any weakness. And you are not supposed to care about anyone or anything at all. Especially not on petty children." Kyuhyun's mentor growled dangerously before he raised his gun again.

Another loud BANG! echoed throughout the room and was followed by silence. It too Kyuhyun a moment before he noticed that the sobs and cries had disappeared. Turning his head to the side, he saw the child lying on top of the corpse of his father. He was unmistakably dead. A bullet had been shot at his chest which had undoubtedly pierced his heart. But the little boy's eyes were wide open. And they seemed to be staring right back at him.

"If you weren't my own son, I would have shot you dead already." the mentor said, letting go of Kyuhyun's collar. "But make no mistake. The next time I see you hesitate in killing someone or show any concern or care for anyne, I will dispose of you. Just lie I disposed of him."

Slowly, Kyuhyun's eyes opened. It was morning already. Probably only a couple of hours before noon judging by how high the sun was up already.

Kyuhyun sat up and rubbed his palms over his face to rub off the sleep from his system. Finally, he wondered why he had that dream. It's been years already since that event happened.

Looking up, Kyuhyun saw his reflection staring back at him from the mirror hanging on his wall. His eyes traveled downwards to the tattoo etched in dark ink upon his bare chest. The letters D and S seemed to be leering at him. As if reminding him that even if he left, the fact that he had once been a member will never change.

Kyuhyun stood up and turned the mirror so that it would be facing the wall instead of him. "Just leave me alone." he muttered before entering the bathroom.

It wasn't exactly a cold day but Kyuhyun preferred to let the hot water wash over him in the shower. He found it easier to rid himself of the memory while he felt his skin protesting from the heat. It wasn't a memory that he really wanted to remember.

Kyuhyun could still almost clearly remember the beatings he too from his father after that event. But then again, that had been the last beating he ever took. Because that was also the last time he ever hesitated to kill. He stopped caring or showing concern for anyone or anything. His father had wanted him to become cold-blooded and so that was what he became. And he hardly changed even after he left the organization nearly one and a half years ago.

Kyuhyun took a really long time in the shower before he decided to turn the shower off already. Wrapping a towel around his waist, he walked out of the bathroom. With another towel, he dried his hair.

Sitting on the bed, Kyuhyun noticed a flashy paper on his bedside table right beside his guns. Curious, Kyuhyun reached over and grabbed it before looking at it carefully.

It was the ticket Ryeowook gave him yesterday. He never really thought about looking at it up until now. The name of the amusement park was glittered in the middle and tiny drawings of ferris wheels and roller coasters peppered the sides of the words. The whole ticket was artistically colorful. But Kyuhyun found the designs quite childish. And he found the idea of going to an amusement park extremely childish.

Come to think of it, he never had been in an amusement park before. He had never even been near one either. His father and mentor probably never thought about taking him there. Not really surprising since having fun wasn't among the things taught in the organization. Kyuhyun was ready to bet that his father would rather feed him to the dogs than to take him in an amusement park.

"There's no way I'm going to am childish place like this." Kyuhyun muttered to himself before preparing to throw the ticket in the trash can near his bathroom door. But before he could throw the ticket, Ryeowook's bright smile flashed in his mind.

I'll be waiting for you.

"Darn it." Kyuhyun cursed to himself, scratching his head furiously. "Did he really need to say that?"

Kyuhyun looked at the ticket again as if trying to weigh his options on whether to throw the ticket already or keep it. His hand that was holding the ticket was now already over the trashcan.

I'm giving it to you because I wanted to. So you can have fun with me in the amusement park. said Ryeowook's voice inside his head. I'll be waiting for you.

"Argh! Fine! Have it your way!" Kyuhyun growled, putting the ticket back on the table. "Damn it." he cursed as he lay on the bed with a frown on his face. He just can't resist the smile that Ryeowook gave him the day before. Most likely because no one had ever smiled like that to him before.

Kyuhyun sighed. He could feel his heart thumping hard. Well, why wouldn't it? This would be like his first time to go out with someone. While it wouldn't actually be called a "date", Kyuhyun almost felt like it WAS a date.

At around a quarter before 4 o'clock, Kyuhyun began to descend the stairs. He would have left sooner but he was having a little personal debate on what to do with his hair. At first, he combed it down like a schoolboy before deciding that he looked nowhere good with it. Then he messed his hair up to make him look a bit cooler. He even tried to gel his hair pineapple-style. But in the end, he left his hair the way it always was.

"Stop fussing, will you? It's NOT a date." he scolded his reflection before he had descended the stairs. "You're just going out with someone whom you have only met a couple of weeks ago. It's no big deal."

"My, my, you're going out early. Is there somewhere you need to go?" Leeteuk asked in a teasing voice as Kyuhyun passed by him in the living room.

"Shut up." Kyuhyun muttered as he exited through the door.

"Awww, my baby is being shy all of a sudden." Leeteuk squealed excitedly.

The word "shy" made Kibum, who had been busy typing a program to his laptop, look up from his work and stare at Leeteuk curiously. But he didn't say anything.

"You better not be expecting too much. This will be their first time together, you know." Kangin reminded him as he sat next to the Angel.

"I know. But you can expect miracles to happen, right?" Leeteuk said.

"You know, I'll only believe in miracles if somehow I can make you pregnant one of these days." Kangin said, rubbing Leeteuk's stomach. "Why don't we go upstairs and see if miracles do happen?" he whispered to Leeteuk's ear.

"Oh no, not tonight again." Leeteuk sighed.

Kibum stopped paying attention to them at this time. He was already musing about something else.

It was 4:15 pm and there was still no sign of Kyuhyun. Ryeowook was beginning to feel his heart sink. He and Sungmin arrived at the entrance at exactly 4 o'clock. Eunhyuk and the over excited Donghae have arrived minutes before that. And now, all four of them were still outside, waiting for the fifth person to arrive.

"Come on, Wookie-ah. Let's go already." Eunhyuk said.

"We're missing all the fun inside." Donghae said, looking hopefully at the people screaming their lungs out in the rides.

"But he might come any moment now." Ryeowook said.

"We've wasted 15 minutes waiting for him already. For all we know, he might not even come in the first place." Sungmin said, with his voice indignant. Deep inside though, he was celebrating that Kyuhyun still wasn't there. That means he can keep all of Ryeowook's attention to himself.

"I know. But can't we wait for a couple more--" All of a sudden, Ryeowook stopped talking and his face brightened.

For a genius, Kyuhyun found himself extremely stupid for miscalculating th distance of the amusement park which led to him being late. Very late. He wondered if Ryeowook would still be waiting for him. I probably shouldn't get my hopes up. He probably left already., he thought grimly.

"YAH!! Kyuhyun-sshi!! Over here!!" a high-pitched scream tore him from his thoughts. Looking towards the direction of the scream, he saw the little waiter waving at him. He looked extremely happy that he didn't even mind that people were staring at him.

Kyuhyun felt a smile creep on his lips. He was about to wave back at Ryeowook when suddenly someone placed an arm around the little waiter's shoulder and whispered to his ear which caused the shorter male to blush hard from embarrassment and lower his hand. Kyuhyun's smile fell when he saw whose arm it was -- chef Sungmin's.

"Why the heck is HE here?" Kyuhyun asked himself furiously. Then he spotted the two other guys near Ryeowook and he almost groaned in frustration. Those were th two waiters he kept seeing in the restaurant. Okay. That proves it. This is definitely NOT a date.

But then again, Kyuhyun found it too late to back out now especially since Ryeowook already saw him there. It would be quite embarrassing to walk away so he just heaved a huge sigh and went to the four.

"You're too loud, you know that?" he said as a way of a greeting to Ryeowook.

"And you're too rude. You actually made us all wait out here." Sungmin said to Kyuhyun. He still had his arm over Ryeowook's shoulder.

"I never asked you to. I didn't even think YOU would be here." Kyuhyun shot back in a cold voice.

"Funny. I didn't think YOU would be here either. I guess that someone like you really have no regards for warnings whatsoever." Sungmin responded. "Not really surprising from a mad-dog like you."

Had it been an anime show, you could probably see electrical sparks emitting from the two.

"O-kay. I gather that you two know each other already." Ryeowook said as a way to break the tension.

"No, we don't." Kyuhyun and Sungmin said, still glaring at each other.

"I think I see the 'war' Sungmin-hyung was talking about." Eunhyuk mumbled to himself.

"Huh? What war?" Donghae asked curiously.

"Nothing." Eunhyuk said. "Hey guys, since we are all already here, don't you think we should get inside already?"

Poor Eunhyuk. The two were too busy glaring at each other that thy hardly heard anything he said. So Ryeowook took matters on his own hands. Literally. He grabbed each of Sungmin's and Kyuhyun's right hands and dragged them towards the entrance. "Okay, break it up, you guys. We came here to have fun didn't we? And I'd rather see you both in one piece before the day is over so no fighting, please."

"We'll see about that." Sungmin growled at Kyuhyun as they were dragged away.

"Bring it on, then." Kyuhyun challenged coldly.

"Jerk." Sungmin shot back.

"Bastard." Kyuhyun replied.

Oh my, this will definitely be fun., Ryeowook thought grimly.

Part B here

(a/n: ahhh!!! sorry sorry for the super duper late post...I was supposed to update last week but my manuscript for this fic was burned....my little brother found my fic and thought it was funny to use it as coal for our fireplace...i'm sorry it was short...i still can't remember most of what i've written in the manuscript...i just decided to post what i can still remember...please don't hate me...:(

Seeking Light - Chapter 11b

Title: Seeking Light
Pairings: Kyuwook, Minwook, Eunhae, Kangteuk, Sihanchul, Heeteuk!friendship ( a lot more later, i promise)
Rating: PG13 maybe ( i'm quite violent, hehe)

Summary: Kyuhyun was born and raised as a member of the Dark Society, an organization where death and killing were inevitable and violence was part of life. Not even as he left the organization has he left that part of his life. Then comes Ryeowook, a young man who has absolutely little-to-no idea about the dark and violent reality of society. Can he shed light to Kyuhyun's darkness? Or will he fall prey to the Dark Society?

Part A here

Chapter 11

Part B

The next day was Saturday. It was the fourth day since the activation of Sungmin’s plan. And like the past days, Ryeowook was pretty busy. But then again, all of them were. From the chefs down to the waiter, all of them were on their toes working like machines set to dynamic mode.

Saturdays were the busiest days of the year. Sure, they were pretty busy in everyday in the entire week considering that people just come and go all the time. But it was still pretty different on Saturday nights. At this day, people just seem to come flooding in and it didn’t seem like anyone is going out. The whole restaurant was just plainly cramped with people.

And because it was a busy night, neither Eunhyuk nor Donghae would be able to keep their eyes on Ryeowook just to make sure that he wouldn’t be able to go anywhere near where Kyuhyun was. Even Sungmin wouldn’t be able to keep an eye him all the time. But he wasn’t worried though. He was perfectly confident that with all the people around, the chances that Ryeowook would see Kyuhyun was near to impossible.

Sungmin had no idea how wrong he was.

“Here’s your order, sir. Enjoy.” Ryeowook said cheerfully to a customer who was wearing a cap and heavily tinted shades.

“Ah, thanks. This looks good.” the man said to him in a voice that was slightly familiar. He tried to look closer at the man, but he seemed to be avoiding eye contact with him and appeared to be trying not to be recognized. Ryeowook found it weird. But then again, with all the weirdness going on around him, he shouldn’t really be surprised that much.

When the customer had started to eat, Ryeowook took it as his cue to start serving the next customer. He hardly got a few steps away when the weird customer began to talk to him again.

“Hey, have you noticed that young man sitting in the corner?” the man asked, jerking his head towards a direction.

Ryeowook’s eyes followed the direction to where the man was referring to and when he did, his heart skipped a beat. His eyes met Kyuhyun’s. And for a while, they just held each other’s gaze. Their eye contact was broken only when Eunhyuk passed by in between their line of sight. Once Eunhyuk has passed by already, though, Kyuhyun was already looking the other way.

“He’s been staring at you this entire time.” the man said. “I’m actually quite surprised that you haven’t felt the intensity of his stare.”

He’s been staring at me the entire time?, Ryeowook thought and a blush slowly crept up to his cheeks. Why would he be staring at me?

“He’s quite a loner, don’t you think? It’s a bit sad.” the man continued.

Inwardly, Ryeowook agreed with the weird man. It is quite sad to see Kyuhyun there sitting all alone when everyone around him were either couples or groups. He didn’t seem to belong at all.

Maybe I should go to him., thought Ryeowook.

“Don’t you think he’s quite a handsome young man?” said the customer suddenly. “You should really get to him. You would look very cute as a couple.”

The effects were immediate. Ryeowook’s face went into a deep shade of scarlet and his heart pumped faster. “N-No way! I m-mean, I don’t think that would be possible. Y-Yes I think he’s handsome b-but we really d-don’t know each other that much t-to be a couple. Oh dear, what am I saying.” Ryeowook stuttered.

The man just laughed at his reaction and said, “Hey, I’m just messing with you. No need to take what I said seriously.”

Ryeowook was still blushing violently red. He was still in shock with what the man said. And also with what he said. Did he actually admit that he found Kyuhyun handsome?

“Are you okay? You look flushed.” the man asked.

“I-I’m fine, sir. Uhh…e-excuse me.” Ryeowook stuttered. He immediately, made his way to the kitchen at a fast pace.

The moment he entered the kitchen, he leaned his back to the kitchen wall with one of his hands on his chest as if willing the heartbeats to slow down. His face was still quite pinkish.

“Yah, Ryeowook, what’s wrong?” Sungmin asked. He was talking to Eunhyuk and Donghae when Ryeowook got inside. The blush on Ryeowook’s cheek didn’t escape his sharp eyes.

“N-Nothing, hyung. I’m okay.” Ryeowook said. As much as he wanted to be honest to Sungmin, there was no way that he’ll tell him what just happened. Especially not that part that he said that he also thought Kyuhyun was handsome. “Just tired, hyung. It’s quite a busy night.”

“Yeah, tell me about it. Thank goodness there is only two hours till closing time. I’m beat.” Eunhyuk agreed, stretching his arms out. When he did stretch out, Ryeowook noticed an envelope in his hand.

“Hyung, what’s that?” Ryeowook asked, indicating the envelope.

“Oh, right. I forgot. Someone taped this to your locker, Wook. I don’t know what it is, but it does have your name on it.” Eunhyuk said.

“A letter? Who could have given it?” Ryeowook wondered, taking the envelope from Eunhyuk’s hand.

“Ooohh…It might be a letter from a secret admirer.” Donghae said, excitedly.

Sungmin’s eyes flashed dangerously at what Donghae said, but he said nothing. No one gives my Wookie a love letter except me., he screamed inside his mind.

When Ryeowook had finally opened the envelope, it became evident that it wasn’t a love letter of any sort. Inside the envelope was five tickets with colorful designs. Along with them was a note, which read: ENJOY!!!

“Am I the only one who thinks this is weird?” Eunhyuk asked out loud.

“Nope. I completely agree with you on this one.” Sungmin said. While he felt relief when the envelope didn’t contain a love letter, he still thought that it was suspicious.

Donghae looked at the tickets for a while, then suddenly his eyes widened. “Whoa, aren’t these the tickets to that awesome new amusement park in the city?! No way! It’s the biggest amusement park in the whole country!”

“What?! But aren’t these expensive?” Eunhyuk said, grabbing a ticket from Donghae’s hand to look at it and confirm if it was really a genuine ticket. “With our salary, we’ll have to forfeit at least three meals just to afford one of these.”

“Are they really that expensive? But who would have bought them?” Ryeowook asked.

Donghae opened his mouth to give an answer but Sungmin automatically placed a finger on his mouth and said, “If you say anything about it being bought by aliens, I swear I’m going to scream.”

Slowly, Donghae closed his mouth. “But, seriously, who else could have bought them?”

“Who cares who bought them? What matters is that we get to go to that awesome new amusement park.” Eunhyuk said.

“Hey, hey. No one said you can have a ticket. They were sent to Ryeowook so he gets to decide who can have the tickets. Who knows, maybe he doesn’t want any weirdoes around.” Sungmin said. Personally, he was hoping that he can spend the day with Ryeowook alone.

Automatically, two pairs of puppy dog eyes turned to look at Ryeowook. “Please, Ryeowookie-ah.”

“Of course. I don’t really see why they can’t have a ticket, Sungmin-hyung. The more the merrier, right?” Ryeowook said. He failed to see the look of disappointment that passed through Sungmin’s eyes.

“Yes!” Donghae and Eunhyuk yelled together.

It hardly took a couple of minutes for them to distribute the tickets between themselves and set a meeting time for the following day. But it barely took a couple of seconds for them to start running out of the kitchen when Shindong saw them not doing their job.

“Looks like there’s one ticket left. Who do you want to give it to, Wook?” Donghae asked as they went back to serving the customers.

Ryeowook thought for a while. Honestly, he didn’t have that many choices. He was only here for a couple of weeks. He hardly knew anyone outside Sungmin, Donghae and Eunhyuk. Well, he can invite Shindong with them, but he really is quite a scary guy. Then, there’s Leeteuk. But he didn’t know his number. So who can he invite along? Slowly, his eyes traveled to Kyuhyun who was frowning like he was angry with the world.


Once again, Kyuhyun’s mood was far from good. He had left the main house at exactly five o’ clock in the afternoon. And again, he decided not to go to the restaurant. Unfortunately for him, though, Fate was playing along with him. He has absolutely no idea just how is it that his feet would always take him back to the restaurant again and again and again. And at precisely seven o’ clock, Kyuhyun had reached the entrance of the restaurant for the fifth time. Finally, he just surrendered to Fate and just went in the dreaded place.

After all those days that Ryeowook didn’t see him, he had already begun to stop expecting that the little waiter would look around at him. But that didn’t stop him from looking at Ryeowook as the shorter male moved ever so gracefully inside the restaurant.

Kyuhyun never expected Ryeowook to look at him at that precise moment when he was talking to a customer. The whole place seemed to go on slow motion while they held each other’s gaze. The noise seemed to shut down and all he could hear was his own heartbeat.

The moment was ruined of course, when Eunhyuk walked by in front of both of them. That was the moment that the magic seemed to break and the whole world began to turn normally again. Then, almost immediately, the fact that he had just been caught staring began to sink in and he felt embarrassed with himself. He felt Ryeowook still looking at him, but he decided to avert his eyes. He didn’t want Ryeowook to think that he has been staring at him the whole time.

Suddenly, a voice emerged in Kyuhyun's subconscious. "Pathetic, Cho Kyuhyun. To think that you’re actually feeling embarrassed over something like that." In a more logical sense, the voice speaking was his conscience. However, the voice that it was manifesting was the voice of Kyuhyun's mentor who had died some time ago.

Shut up. I’m not embarrassed. Kyuhyun replied to the voice of his mentor.

Kyuhyun managed to look up just in time to see Ryeowook walk quickly inside the kitchen. He sighed. Deep inside, the feeling of disappointment began to emerge again. When he had felt Ryeowook stare at him earlier after their eyes had met, Kyuhyun was almost sure that maybe, after all this time, he can actually speak to Ryeowook once again. Even if they were just going to bicker, he would have preferred that to no communication at all. And also, there was still that mystery about Ryeowook that he wanted to find out straight from the little waiter's mouth.

"Look at yourself. You're like a child waiting for a toy you can't have. And to think that you actually waste your time waiting for him to come and speak to you. You disgust me." the voice growled in his mind.

Kyuhyun decided to ignore his mentor's voice, but the voice in his subconscious wouldn't leave him alone. "You're curious about him? You actually care about what he's been through? Don't tell me you're turning soft on him." sneered the voice.

Kyuhyun still decided not to answer. "You ARE turning soft. You actually consider him as a friend. And all that because he had saved your life. Pathetic. A killer like you is actually caring for someone. You're a disgrace to the Dark Society." continued the voice, and this time, the tone was angry.

This time, Kyuhyun actually decided to snap back. "I don't care about him. And I don't consider him as a friend either. I feel nothing for him."

"Nothing? We'll see about that. But just remember what I told you before. You were born and raised as a killer. You're not supposed to care about anyone or anything at all. That includes him. And that fact doesn't change even if you have left the organization." the voice said before it finally disappeared. But the words it had said were burned in Kyuhyun's mind.

"There's no need to remind me that. I know that perfectly well." Kyuhyun muttered to himself. In a matter of seconds, the dark clouds that Ryeowook had managed slightly to clear up in the past days were back. Once again, Kyuhyun looked murderous.

"You know, you'll scare a lot of people away if you keep frowning like that." said a familiar voice from the table next to Kyuhyun's. When he turned his head, he saw Ryeowook clearing off the plates from the other table. He had his eyes fixed on what he was doing but it was quite obvious to whom he was speaking to.

"Funny." Kyuhyun said in a flat tone. "I don't see you running away in fear."

"Well, you don't really seem that scary to me. Honestly, you just look like you're constipated or something." Ryeowook said as he wiped the table clean.

Automatically, Kyuhyun's frown disappeared and was replaced with a look of surprise. No one had said anything like that to him before. It was actually quite incredible to hear someone joke around when he's frowning like that. Usually, people would try to get away from him as fast as they could when he is in a bad mood. Ryeowook's attitude towards him rendered him speechless.

Ryeowook had been expecting Kyuhyun to retort at what he said so when the taller male failed to give him the response he was expecting, he stopped cleaning the table and looked at Kyuhyun curiously. "Yah! No comeback? Don't tell me you're really constipated." Ryeowook said, then he added in an afterthought, "Not really surprising actually. You don't seem the type to eat a healthy diet."

Kyuhyun felt his lips twitch. In an instant, the dark cloud forming around Kyuhyun cleared away and a small grin appeared on his handsome face. This Kim Ryeowook is relly something else. "Look who's talking. If YOU were eating a healthy diet, then you wouldn't be a little waiter now, would you?"

"Ever heard of genetics?" Ryeowook said, shaking his head at what seemed to be a below-the-belt comeback from Kyuhyun. "And how many times do I have to tell you? Stop calling me that. I'm not that short."

"Whatever you say." Kyuhyun said. Then he fake-coughed a couple of times which sounded a lot like 'shorty, shorty'.

Ryeowook obviously heard the jeer and glared at Kyuhyun, which actually looked more cute than scary.

"You should give up on that. you know. You wouldn't even be able to scare a cat away with that sort of glare." Kyuhyun said with a smirk. Regardless of his mood earlier, he was actually enjoying now. It was like he had never heard his mentor's voice in his head earlier.

Ryeowook pouted at what Kyuhyun said. "You're annoying, you know that. If this is your way of having a bit of fun in your life, then I seriously suggest you find a new way to have fun." he said, then he smiled. "Fortunately for you, I have just the perfect idea how."

Kyuhyun frowned in confusion on what Ryeowook had said. He watched the little waiter come over to his table and place a ticket in front of him.

"What's this?" Kyuhyun asked, picking up the ticket.

"A ticket." Ryeowook answered simply.

Kyuhyun frowned at the response. "I know that. What I meant was what this is for."

"Well, as far as I know, it's used to give us entrance to an amusement park." Ryeowook answered thoughtfully. "Unless, of course, there's another use for it."

"Very funny." Kyuhyun said sarcastically.

"Oh, come on. Show some sense of humor, will you?" Ryeowook said, pouting. When Kyuhyun didn't respond, he said, "Aish, I don't know why I still try. I already deduced that you're hopeless in these things."

"Anyway, someone sent me some tickets to the amusement park earlier. And there's an extra ticket so I figured that maybe you...umm.." Ryeowook said then he paused before continuing shyly, "...you know, want to hang out."

Kyuhyun's eyebrows raised. Is Ryeowook actually inviting him out? Is that the same as having a date? But they're not a couple yet. Hell, Kyuhyun still doesn't consider him as a friend yet.

"Is this like your way of making up for ignoring me on the last three days?" Kyuhyun asked, confused.

"Ignoring you?" Ryeowook repeated. This time, he was the one confused. How the heck did he manage to ignore Kyuhyun in the past three days? Then suddenly, Ryeowook's face lightened. Of course, he had been overly busy in the past three days that he can't even look around. But then, that still wouldn't be considered ignoring. Unless, of course, Kyuhyun wanted to talk to him, right?

A smirk appeared on Ryeowook's face. "So you've been wanting to talk to me so badly in the past three days then?"

"No." Kyuhyun automatically lied, looking away.

"That's why you're sulking, isn't it?" Ryeowook teased.

"You're delusional." Kyuhyun said. He could fel blood rushing up to his face.

"Nope. I'm pretty sure you're sulking." Ryeowook said, the smirk still in place. "Aww, I didn't think you could be this adorable, Kyuhyun-sshi. I wouldn't have expected it from someone who had just raised a gun at me a week ago."

"Whatever." Kyuhyun muttered. "And don't call me adorable."

Ryeowook giggled at the response. This time, Kyuhyun stole a glance at his beautiful smile. Normally, he would have been furious at someone laughing at him. But with Ryeowook, he actually felt happy to cause the laughter. However, he wasn't about to admit that just yet. "Stop laughing. You look like an idiot." he muttered.

"Sorry." Ryeowook said, trying to suppress the giggles. "I was just surprised. Anyway, to answer your question; no, I'm not giving you that to make up for those days that I 'ignored' you. I'm giving them to you because I wanted to. So that you can have fum with me in the amusement park."

Kyuhyun felt a strange warmth spreading in his chest. "So you REALLY want me to come?"

"That's what I said, isn't it? So, are you coming or not?" Ryeowook asked.

Kyuhyun weighed his options. In the end, he just said, "We'll see."

It wasn't really a clear answer but Ryeowook seemed to think it was good enough. "Great! So I'll see you at the entrance of the amusement park at 4 o'clock in the afternoon then. I'll be waiting for you." Ryeowook said with a bright smile before walking away.

Kyuhyun's eyes followed his petite form as he went to another table to serve another customer. Then. he looked at the ticket in his hand. A small genuine smile grazed his face before he pocketed the ticket.

"God damn it!" Sungmin swore, punching the kitchen wall, which surprised the rest of the people inside the kitchen. Everyone was looking at him strangely but he shot them all a very scary glare and all went back to work.

"Umm...c-calm down, p-please, hyung." Eunhyuk pleaded.

Sungmin looked like he was about to explode in front of Eunhyuk, but he managed to control himself. There was no reason to take his anger out on his poor dongsaeng. He and Donghae had been pretty busy. He can't blame them for not keeping an eye on Ryeowook.

"It's fine. I'm not angry at you so stop shivering." Sungmin said, through gritted teeth. "That Kyuhyun really has some nerve. He's crossing the line."

"B-But there's nothing we can do about that now." Eunhyuk said.

"Yeah. It's not like I can change anything since Ryeowook was the one who invited him." Sungmin said. He was slightly calming down. "But you do realize that this means war."

"Umm...war?" Eunhyuk repeated, confused.

"I can't let that Cho Kyuhyun charm MY Ryeowookie anymore. I'll show him thet I'm waaay better that him." Sungmin vowed, peering through the kitchen window to continue glaring at Kyuhyun.

Sungmin wasn't the only one staring. Outside the restaurant, someone else was watching what was happening through the glass window in front of the restaurant.

"Kyaaa!! Aren't they cute?!" squealed the man who was wearing a cap and heavily tinted shades. It was the weird man Ryeowook was talking to earlier.

"Well then, I guess your plan worked afterall, Angel." Kangin said, emerging from the alley beside the restaurant.

"I told you so. All it took was a little effort." Leeteuk said, removing the cap and the shades.

"Yeah. And a billfold of my cash." Kangin muttered. "You have absolutely no idea how expensive those tickets were."

"I'll pay you back the money sooner or later." Leeteuk said, putting the cap on Kangin's head.

"Well, you can pay me with something other than money." Kangin said, wrapping his arms around Leeteuk's waist.

"Not yet you don't. I'm still having trouble walking because of last night." Leeteuk said. "And I still want to walk tomorrow, thank you very much. There are important places for me to go."

"Where's the problem in that? I can always carry you around if you want me to." Kangin whispered to Leeteuk's ear. "Besides, you might want to celebrate tonight for a job well done."

"Good point." Leeteuk said, turning his head to the side to peck on Kangin's lips. "But I'd rather celebrate when I see my children happily married. Just imagine, Cho Ryeowook. Kyaaa!! So cute!"

Then Leeteuk removed himself from Kangin's hold. "Well then. Shall we get the cake and decorations ready?"

"Hey, don't you think it's too early for that?" Kangin said.

"No, no, no. There's no such thing as being too early for a wedding." Leeteuk said, before pulling Kangin along.

Neither of them noticed three shadows standing in the dark corner of the alley. They had been listening to the conversation earlier. And when Leeteuk and Kangin had left, one of them took out a phone.

"We got the information you wanted." the man said.

"Excellent, Jaejoong. The Angel didn't notice you, did he?" the man on the other line asked. His voice was on loudspeaker so the rest of the boys heard him.

"He's been too distracted to notice." the second man said.

"Yeah, that's so like him, Yoochun." said the man on the other line. "It worked to your advantage, didn't it? Well then, I guess I'll be xpecting you in thirty minutes."

"Make that fifteen. We're heading back now." Jaejoong said before ending the call.

The last man then turned to his companions. "Looks like the Flamebird has a game in mind again."

"Doesn't he always, Junsu?" Yoochun said.

"Looks like this is going to be fun." Jaejoong said.

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Seeking Light - Chapter 11a

Title: Seeking Light
Pairings: Kyuwook, Minwook, Eunhae, Kangteuk, Sihanchul, Heeteuk!friendship ( a lot more later, i promise)
Rating: PG13 maybe ( i'm quite violent, hehe)

Summary: Kyuhyun was born and raised as a member of the Dark Society, an organization where death and killing were inevitable and violence was part of life. Not even as he left the organization has he left that part of his life. Then comes Ryeowook, a young man who has absolutely little-to-no idea about the dark and violent reality of society. Can he shed light to Kyuhyun's darkness? Or will he fall prey to the Dark Society?

Chapter 11

Part A

The moment Kyuhyun stepped inside the restaurant the very next day, Sungmin knew his warning didn't achieve his much desired goal of making Kyuhyun stay away from Ryeowook. He had merely ignored him. And that fact made Sungmin's blood boil.

"You just can't stay away, can you?" Sungmin growled from the kitchen window. "Fine. Time for plan B."

In order to keep Ryeowook as far away from Kyuhyun as possible, Sungmin wouldn't hesitate on using drastic measures. If he can't keep Kyuhyun away from Ryeowook, then he'll keep Ryeowook away from Kyuhyun. And this time, he'll need all the help he can get. By 'help', he means the two other afternoon shift waiters-- Eunhyuk and Donghae.

The plan was to keep Ryeowook as busy and distracted as possible so that he wouldn't have the time to even spare Kyuhyun a glance.

The plan worked, of course. Ryeowook has never expected his job to be busier than ever. He barely even had time to breathe before either of his fellow waiters approach him.

"Wookie-ah, can you take the orders of that group in Table 11? They're so noisy that I can't tell who ordered which meals." Donghae said.

"Ryeowook, I think my stomach is acting up. Can you deal with my customers in Table 9 for a while?" Eunhyuk said with an award-winning acting skill.

"Yah, Wookie! Table 12 needs some more ketchup! Can you please get it, Wook?" Donghae bellowed from the other side of the restaurant.

"I don't think my stomach is getting any better. I can't work in this condition. Would you kindly cover for me?" said Eunhyuk immediately after one of Ryeowook's many tasks was done.

Whenever Ryeowook ventured anywhere near the table in the corner, either of the two waiters would distract him and send him to the other side of the restaurant along with some absurd requests or send him straight to the kitchen saying that Sungmin needs his help.

Being the kind dongsaeng he was, Ryeowook just couldn't say 'no' to any of his hyungs' requests. So no matter how unreasonable the tasks were, he would just smile and do what he was told to do. And true enough, he hadn't noticed that Kyuhyun was even there in the restaurant.

Unlike what Sungmin had thought, Kyuhyun didn't actually ignore what he had said. In fact, Kyuhyun had been thinking about the warning ever since last night.

'He's been through a lot already.' I wonder what could that mean., Kyuhyun thought to himself. And indeed, that was the very reason why he came to the restaurant again despite the warning that he should stay away. He wanted to find out what had happened to Ryeowook.

Kyuhyun was disappointed though. He had been staring at Ryeowook the entire time he was there, expecting the other to look around and see him. And he had never seen Ryeowook look this harrased before. It wasn't even anywhere near closing time and yet Ryeowook already looked dead tired. But that wasn't the only thing bothering him. Ryeowook didn't look at him. Not even a glance or a glare or any indication at all that he saw him. And it made Kyuhyun's heart clench.

In kyuhyun's mind, he was calling, "I'm right over here, little waiter. Are you really too busy that you can't even look around to see me?"

If only Ryeowook knows telepathy, then he might have heard Kyuhyun's thoughts. Unfortunately, he doesn't and so he never saw the person who always sat in the corner table.

It was nearly closing time. Usually, this would be the perfect time for Ryeowook to just sit down for a while and rest since there wuuld only be a couple more customers who are left finishing their meals. However, on this particular night, Ryeowook was far from resting.

"Hyung, do you really think tonight is the best time for us to scrub the kitchen spotless?" Ryeowook asked as he cleaned the stoves.

"Of course. The kitchen is supposed to be squeaky clean all the time. Every night should be cleaning night." Sungmin said as he mopped the floor.

"Really? So why is it that you told the other chefs to go home then drag ME here to clean with you? Wouldn't it be more productive if they cleaned with us?" Ryeowook asked.

Sungmin opened his mouth to answer, then he frowned and ended up closing his mouth again. "Umm...I'll get back to you on that." Sungmin said to avoid answering the question.

"Hyung~" Ryeowook whined.

"Be sure to wipe those stoves spotless, Wookie-ah." Sungmin said, moving away from Ryeowook. "We're not going home till they're perfectly gleaming."

Ryeowook sighed and just continued what he was doing. Eunhyuk and Donghae were acting weird today. Not really much of a surprise since the two were practically weird everyday. What was worrying him though was the way Sungmin was acting today. He was irritable and snapped a lot. And he never drove him this hard before. In fact, Sungmin would usually insist that he should stop working and take a break every now and then. But today, he was making him do things that he wasn't even supposed to do. What was going on? Not only that, he could also feel that there was something missing in this day. Something wasn't making his day complete. He just couldn't put a finger on what it is that didn't happen today. He just couldn't understand what was going on this day.

It wasn't only Ryeowook who found everything weird. Even Kyuhyun thought something was amiss. Earlier, Ryeowook didn't manage to spare him even a glance and now, he couldn't see the little waiter at all. The only waiters around were the two weirdos that he still can't name yet.

Is he avoiding me? Why would he do that all of a sudden?

Even when the last of the customers finally left and the two waiters have disappeared into the lounge, Kyuhyun still sat there on his seat.

"When exactly do you plan on going back to the main house? The restaurant is closed already." Shindong said, approaching Kyuhyun's table.

"Fine. I'm leaving." Kyuhyun said, standing up. He had been expecting that by this time, Ryeowook would have come out already. Even if he would only get out just to tell Kyuhyun to go home, he would have been satisfied already. But the little waiter disappointed him. "I don't even know why I came here anyway."

Shindong's eyes followed Kyuhyun as the younger male walked out the door. "What the hell is his problem?"

When Kyuhyun stepped out of the restaurant, he noticed two figures walking away from the restaurant. One of the figures was unmistakably Ryeowook. The other figure was only slightly familiar. He had the feeling that the one walking closely beside Ryeowook was that chef who had warned him last night.

As he watched, he saw the chef place an arm around Ryeowook's shoulder. Ryeowook didn't seem to mind the arm at all. He even let himself be pulled closer.

The closeness Kyuhyun saw between the two made his heart clench again. It was a different feeling from before. It wasn't sadness or even anger. The closest thing he could relate it to was jealousy. But jealousy over what exactly? Over the closeness of the two? But then, why should he be jealous about it? It wasn't like he was aiming to get closer to Ryeowook too. Or was he?

Annoyance crept into Kyuhyun as he watched the two walk away. With difficulty, Kyuhyun tore his eyes away and began to walk away in a direction opposite to where the two were going. He was in quite a bad mood and he couldn't understand why.

When Kyuhyun walked away in the opposite direction, a grin appeared in Sungmin's lips. What Kyuhyun didn't know was that Sungmin saw him come out of the restaurant earlier. Sungmin had noticed him staring at them and he took it as a chance to show Kyuhyun that he can never have Ryeowook. He placed an arm around the little waiter's shoulder and pulled him closer.

Ryeowook barely made a sound of protest on what Sungmin did. He was too tired to even ask what his hyung was doing so he just let Sungmin do what he wanted to do. He didn't notice Kyuhyun, of course. But it was weird that he felt someone glaring at him from behind. He didn't bother to look back and see who was glaring. He was so sleepy that barely anything else mattered to him other than just going home.

As soon as they reached the apartment, Ryeowook let himself collapse on the sofa. He was dead tired. Just being able to lie on the sofa almost made him feel like he was in heaven.

Sungmin looked at his exhausted form with worry in his eyes. "Wook-ah, do you want to have a snack first? Or perhaps a glass of water?" he asked.

"No thanks, hyung. I'm okay." Ryeowook murmured. He could barely even open his eyes to look at Sungmin.

"You shouldn't sleep on the sofa, Wook. Why don't you go sleep in your room? You'll be more comfortable there." Sungmin suggested.

"Mmm...just give me five minutes, hyung." Ryeowook murmured before he drifted off to sleep on the sofa.

"Wook-ah. Hey, you need to go to your room now." Sungmin said, gently tapping Ryeowook's cheek. When it became evident that Ryeowook wouldn't wake up any time soon, Sungmin sighed. "You're so tired that you just can't wake up, huh? But I can't let you sleep here in the sofa all night."

Sungmin placed an arm under the bend of Ryeowook's knees and another arm behind Ryeowook's neck before he carried him bridal style to his room. There he placed Ryeowook gently to his bed and covered him with a blanket. The younger male barely gave any indication that he felt anything and just continued to sleep.

Sungmin looked guiltily at Ryeowook's tired face. "I'm sorry that I made this day horrible for you. I just had to. So that Kyuhyun won't get to you. You don't deserve someone like him, Wookie-ah." Sungmin said as he brushed off the hair covering Ryeowook's eyes. "You're just too good for that."

"I'd do just about everything for you. Because I love you so much." Sungmin murmured as he stared at the sleeping angel. "Saranghae, Ryoewook." he murmured at Ryeowook's ear before he went to kiss the younger male on the lips.

Sungmin’s lips were almost on Ryeowook’s but he stopped himself and instead, he landed the kiss on Ryeowook’s forehead. “Good night, Ryeowook-ah.” He murmured before he quickly exited from the room.

The moment he was outside the room, Sungmin slid down to squat on the floor with his hands covering his face. “What the hell are you doing, Sungmin? You’re not supposed to do that to him!” he muttered furiously to himself. He had so nearly taken advantage of Ryeowook’s present state and it made him sick.

“You have no idea what you’re doing to me.”

The days went by with the same sequences. Sungmin, Eunhyuk and Donghae were pretty much creative in making new ideas on how to make Ryeowook as busy as possible. Those days were like a living hell to the younger male. He even considered it a bit of a miracle that he still hasn’t collapsed from all the workload yet.

It wasn’t only Ryeowook who was having a hard time that week, though. Kyuhyun was experiencing his own private piece of hell everytime he steps inside the restaurant.

Kyuhyun could no longer count just how many times he has forcefully convinced himself that the reason why he was inside the restaurant had nothing to do with the little waiter. He had scolded himself again and again whenever he caught himself absentmindedly staring at Ryeowook while he moved so gracefully inside the restaurant. He had even tried not to go to the restaurant at all. But all in all, his efforts were futile. Even if he walked in another direction, he still ends up inside the restaurant, watching the little waiter and waiting to see if he sees him. His mood was beginning to turn from bad to worse with his frustration and disappointment. It didn’t help that Sungmin practically used all opportunities for him to show Kyuhyun just how close he is to Ryeowook.

At the end of the day, Kyuhyun would just go home, fuming. He would slam shut all the doors that he went by and he would glare at everything and everyone that he sees as he made his way to his room.

“Looks like somebody’s cranky.” Changmin noted on the third night since the activation of Sungmin’s plan. Kyuhyun had just come home and slammed the door so hard that the whole house seemed to shake. He had ignored all the stares and just locked himself again in his room.

“It must be the side effect of those painkillers you developed for him.” Yunho said, sniggering.

“Hey, that wasn’t nice. You took the exact same medication around a month ago.” Changmin retorted.

“Yeah. And wasn’t that the time that he almost shot a man dead just because he stepped on his shoes?” Yesung said.

“Oh, right. I almost forgot about that. I almost got in jail for it. And you were the one who was supposed to arrest me that time.” Yunho said with a grin.

“But that doesn’t mean anything.” Changmin said, pouting.

“Face it, Changmin. You’re the worst chemist ever. No wonder they kicked you out of medical school.” Yesung said, sniggering.

While the three started to bicker with each other, Leeteuk turned his head to Kangin, who was busy surfing for any good channels. “Did you notice? Kyuhyun’s been very grumpy lately.”.

“Isn’t he always?” Kangin said.

“Well, yeah. But I think something is really bothering him right now. And I don’t think it has anything to do with those painkillers Changmin made.” Leeteuk said, and then he sighed. “I really hate to see any child of ours like this. It breaks a mother’s heart.”

“Hey, hey, hold on. Since when did I get to have any children with you?” Kangin asked.

Leeteuk pouted at Kangin. “Yah, I thought you already agreed to father any child I choose.”

“Yeah, I did. I agreed to father any CHILD you choose. I never exactly agreed on parenting a bunch of noisy adults who are only just a couple of years younger than me.” Kangin said. “Besides I don’t really see why I have to trouble myself with that zombie’s business.”

Leeteuk pouted even more. Then suddenly, an idea popped in his mind. “Kangin-ah~” he whined, looking at Kangin with puppy dog eyes. “Please~”

Kangin frowned at Leeteuk and for a while, it seemed like there had been no effect on him. But after a few seconds, a grin appeared on his face and he shook his head. “And I thought Heechul is the only manipulative person around.” he muttered.

“Fine. I don’t know if it has anything to do with everything but Shindong had just called me a while ago to tell me that Kyuhyun was at the restaurant earlier. Seems to me like he was always in the restaurant the entire time he was not here.”

Leeteuk frowned for a moment, and then his face lightened up as if he realized something. “Well, well, well. I should have known.”

Seeing a smile appear on Leeteuk’s face, Kangin began to understand as well. “I know that smile of yours. That’s the same smile you wear when you’re watching all those cheesy soap operas of yours.” Kangin said. “Come on, you can’t seriously be thinking that he can really be bothered with that sort of dilemma.”

“Why not? There’s hardly anything else that could be bothering him. Besides, it seems logical.” Leeteuk said.

Kangin sighed and said, “Ah, youth these days. So, what do you want to do now? Play cupid?”

“Of course.” Leeteuk said, winking at Kangin. “I’m not called Angel for nothing.”

“You’re unbelievable.” Kangin said, shaking his head.

“Isn’t that why you love me?” Leeteuk responded with a sexy growl.

Kangin grinned at Leeteuk. “You have absolutely no idea.”

Kangin was about to kiss Leeteuk passionately, but the older male placed a finger on Kangin’s lips to stop him. It was evident why. The three bickering males were all watching them.

“Not in front of the children.” Leeteuk said. “Why don’t we take this upstairs?” he added with a suggestive smirk.

“With pleasure.” Kangin said before scooping Leeteuk up and throwing him over his shoulders, carrying him all the way up to their room on the top floor.

“Oh man. They’re at it again.” Yesung said, shaking his head.

“Damn, they’ll be too noisy again. Looks like I’ll be sleeping in another room tonight.” Yunho said.

“Hey, what are you talking about? Why did Kangin-hyung carry Leeteuk-hyung upstairs like that? Why would they be noisy? Are they fighting?” Changmin asked, innocently.

Yesung and Yunho looked at each other as if trying to figure out who’ll be the one to destroy the youngest male’s innocence. Neither looked willing to take that responsibility.

“Believe me, you don’t wanna know.” Yunho said.

Changmin looked more puzzled than ever and he was about to ask again, but both of his hyungs had already stood up and left him in a hurry to avoid answering any more of his questions.

Part B here

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Seeking Light - Chapter 10

Title: Seeking Light
Pairings: Kyuwook, Minwook, Eunhae, Kangteuk, Sihanchul, Heeteuk!friendship ( a lot more later, i promise)
Rating: PG13 maybe ( i'm quite violent, hehe)

Summary: Kyuhyun was born and raised as a member of the Dark Society, an organization where death and killing were inevitable and violence was part of life. Not even as he left the organization has he left that part of his life. Then comes Ryeowook, a young man who has absolutely little-to-no idea about the dark and violent reality of society. Can he shed light to Kyuhyun's darkness? Or will he fall prey to the Dark Society?

Chapter 10

Sungmin had been hoping that Ryeowook's mood would have lifted up by next morning. Sadly, though, sleep wasn't enough to erase Ryeowook's memory of what happened the night before.

Ever since he woke up, Ryeowook had been going to and from the tape measure that he had pinned to the wall, measuring his height every 30 minutes or so. Sungmin could do nothing but just stare at Ryeowook every time he did it.

"You know, normally, people don't grow every 30 minutes." Sungmin finally said when he saw Ryeowook go to the tape measure again for the ninth time that morning.

Ryeowook paused to look at the person cooking in the kitchen of their apartment to see if the other was making fun of him. He wasn't. Ryeowook pouted while looking at the tape measure. Then, he slowly turned away from it and sat on a chair by the kitchen counter.

Seeing Ryeowook sad made Sungmin sigh. "Listen, Wook-ah, I don't know exactly how Kyuhyun called you last night, but aren't you taking his words too seriously?"

"What do you mean, hyung? I'm not taking his words too seriously. Why do you say that?" Ryeowook denied.

"You've been measuring your height again and again all morning, Ryeowook-ah." Sungmin answered.

Ryeowook opened his mouth to argue, but ended up closing them again. He had no reason to argue. As much as he wanted to deny it, Sungmin has a point.

"Listen to me, Wookie, there's no reason for you to think too much about how you lack in height. No one's perfect. Besides, you look fine just the way you are. You DO feel comfortable about your body, don't you? So who cares what other people think about it." Sungmin said calmly, hoping to have an effect whatsoever.

Ryeowook bowed his head. Sungmin was right, of course. He never had a problem about himself physically before yesterday. He was pretty much comfortable being him. But somehow, he had to disagree with Sungmin at one point. He cared about what other people think about him. Or at least, he cared about what Kyuhyun thinks about him. He never could admit it to anyone, but only Kyuhyun had the ability to make him feel so insecure.

Sungmin frowned. He expected a smile to appear on Ryeowook's face after all that. Instead, he looked unconvinced at what he said. He didn't have that much impact on Ryeowook anymore. And that fact hurt him.

"Hey, if you're still too worried about your height, I can lend you a couple of my old heel lifts." Sungmin offered. As much as he hated seeing Ryeowook being unreal, he knew this was his only way to make the younger smile. And he was right.

Ryeowook's face immediately brightened at the proposal. "Really, Sungmin-hyung?"

"Of course." Sungmin said, smiling when he saw Ryeowook smile.

"Thanks, hyung." Ryeowook said, hugging Sungmin from behind.

Sungmin laughed at the gesture. "No need to thank me. You know I'd do just about everything for my favorite dongsaeng." Sungmin said.

Ryeowook giggled at the words. "You're being dramatic again, hyung." Since he was behind Sungmin, he didn't see the bitter smile that formed on his lips.

Ryeowook never had understood that Sungmin meant everything he said. And as much as it hurt, Sungmin would never tell Ryeowook how he really felt. He just hopes that his favorite dongsaeng would eventually get a clue someday.

Sungmin squeezed Ryeowook's hand before giving it a gentle pat. "Okay, enough of that, Wookie-ah. You better get ready. We still got work, remember?"

"Are you sure you don't need any help?" Ryeowook asked, referring to the meal Sungmin was preparing.

"Nope. I got this. You can cook our dinner instead. Sounds good?" Sungmin suggested. He had to make Ryeowook leave him for a while, or else he might reveal something he wasn't yet ready to reveal.

"Of course." Ryeowook said. "Saranghae, hyung." he added before he went to his room to get ready for work.

Sungmin's heart clenched at the word. If only Ryeowook could say that to him romantically rather than friendly.

"You have no idea what you're doing to me." Sungmin whispered to himself as he continued to cook their lunch.

In about an hour, both Ryeowook and Sungmin were already on their way to the restaurant. As usual, they walked. Ryeowook was visibly taller now, thanks to the heel lifts. Unfortunately for him though, being taller came with a price.

"You never told me how uncomfortable wearing tall heel lifts is, hyung." Ryeowook said, struggling to keep up with Sungmin's pace.

"You never asked." Sungmin said, grinning. "Don't worry about it. You'll get used to it. Come on, let's hurry. We'll be late for our shift."

Ryeowook sighed as he quickened his pace. To him, wearing heel lifts were very awkward. Like he was walking in a slight tiptoe. "So this is what it feels like to wear high-heeled sandals." Ryeowook mumbled to himself. "Now I know the kind of life ladies go through everyday."

Sungmin smiled upon hearing what Ryeowook mumbled. "Hey, beauty has its sacrifices." he commented. "If you don't feel like wearing them, you can always return them to me. My closet probably misses them already." he suggested.

He was hoping that Ryeowook would just remove the heel lifts. He wouldn't say it, but he thought it was awkward for him to look up instead of down when looking at Ryeowook straight in the eye.

Truthfully, Ryeowook was very much tempted to just return them as Sungmin has suggested but Kyuhyun's taunt of "little waiter" still echoed inside his mind. "It's okay, hyung. You're right, I'll get used to them one way or another." Ryeowook said.

"Suite yourself." Sungmin said. His dissatisfaction was mounting awfully fast. Just what the hell was he supposed to do to return his Wookie back to normal?

This is all that bastard Cho Kyuhyun's fault!, he screamed inside his mind.

Technically, the restaurant was just about half a kilometer away from the apartment. It wasn't a very long distance to walk. However, by the time they reached the restaurant, Ryeowook was a bit more tired than usual.

"Tired? Not good, Wookie-ah. You haven't even started the shift yet." Sungmin taunted as they entered the employees lounge.

"I'm fine, hyung. Just trying to get used to the feeling, that's all." Ryeowook said with an assuring smile.

"Trying to get used to the feeling of what?" Eunhyuk said as he and Donghae entered. "Is there something I need to know about?"

"Other than the impending doom you're about to get from me?" Sungmin said evilly. He still hadn't quite forgiven Eunhyuk for the happenings last night.

"Hyung." Ryeowook pleaded. He never really liked this side of Sungmin. "You really should stop scaring people too much."

"I know, I know." Sungmin said in defeat. He breathed in deeply and let the air out slowly through his mouth, then he smiled. "Well then, let's get ready for work shall we? Another day, another hundred of work." he said cheerfully.

Both Eunhyuk's and Donghae's eyebrows raised at the 180 degrees change in Sungmin's demeanor. Ryeowook wasn't surprised. He's seen Sungmin this way before. It's safe to say that only he had the power to produce this type of effect on Sungmin.

As they were changing to their uniforms, Donghae noticed something about Ryeowook.

"Hey, Wook, you're somewhat different today. But I just couldn't put my finger on it." Donghae said. "You didn't get a new haircut, did you?"

"Not that I know of, no." Ryeowook responded.

"Different brand of make-up?" Eunhyuk suggested.

"Okay, now that's just plain rude." Sungmin commented. "Try combining 'tall' and 'er'."

"Huh?" Eunhyuk said. If he had been an anime character, a question mark would have appeared above his head.

"Ummm...ertall? What the heck does that mean?" Donghae asked innocently.

Sungmin nearly face-palmed at the response. How dense can these idiots get? "It's 'taller', you dimwit." Sungmin growled.

"Taller?" Eunhyuk repeated. He walked towards Ryeowook and measured his height against his like he did the other night. "Wow, you certainly are taller by around...umm...four inches, I guess?"

"For inches in one night? Wow, Wookie, how long did Sungmin stretch you last night?" Donghae exclaimed.

Sungmin automatically hit the back of Donghae's head. "What do you mean how long I stretched him? What do you think of him? A rubber band?" Sungmin said.

"Growth potion?" Donghae suggested, cpvering his head just in case Sungmin decides to hit him again.

Sungmin just shook his head in frustration. "Two words. Heel lifts."

"No way! There are heel lifts that's four inches thick?" Eunhyuk exclaimed. Ryeowook removed one of the heel lifts and handed them over. "Whoa! You can still walk a straight line with these things?"

"It's custom made. And of course you can still walk a straight line in them. That is if you're not drunk. It takes a while to get used to them, though." Sungmin said, taking the heel lift and handing them back to Ryeowook.

"Whoa. I gotta get myself one of those." Donghae said. "You think I'd look cooler when I'm taller, Hyukkie?"

"I think you'd look cooler when you're out there serving the customers than in here chatting without a shirt on." a stern voice said from the door way. It was the manager. And he didn't look happy. "Well?"

"Err...Then I guess I should start doing that then." Donghae said, rushing out of the lounge while buttoning up his uniform.

"Hey, wait for me." Eunhyuk said, rushing after his boyfriend.

"Rascals." Shindong commented. "I guess you two better get going then."

"Shall we go, Wook?" Sungmin said to the younger who was busy wearing his shoes back on.

"Right behind you, hyung." Ryeowook replied with a smile. He was having trouble standing up with the heel lifts on. He just hopes he wouldn't actually loose his balance while he's on duty.

Shindong's eyes followed Sungmin and Ryeowook as they walked out the lounge. He was sporting a puzzled expression. "Did that little one just grow taller?" he mused. "Maybe I ought to have my eyes checked." he said, shaking his head.

Ryeowook's day went on as usual. Serving meals here and there (like he was trained to do), taking in insults from one ear and letting it pass through the other ear (as Eunhyuk taught him to do when in that situation), and skillfully avoiding the hands of the usual perverts (Donghae taught him an effective technique for that).

Overall, there's little to worry about. The only problem was that Ryeowook was definitely clumsier. And by 'clumsier', it meant EXTREMELY clumsier.

Ryeowook couldn't count the number of times he tripped. He almost spilled the contents of his tray many times. Fortunately for him, the only time he actually spilled something, it was just a pitcher of iced cold water.

"You really, really need to take those heel lifts off now, Wookie." Sungmin said when Ryeowook came in the kitchen with his uniform drenched in icy water.

"N-No. I-It's fine, h-hyung. A-All I need t-to do is to walk a l-little slower that's all." Ryeowook stuttered as he trembled from the combination of the cold water and the cold blast of the air conditioner.

Bad idea. It turns out some customers doesn't like slow service. And one of them was practically making a good deal more fuss than the rest of them.

"You call yourself a waiter? You're so slow! You want me and my wife to starve to death?!" an extremely overweight businessman yelled.

"Dear, it's alright. We didn't wait THAT long." the quite attractive wife said, looking sorry at the attitude of his husband.

"What do you mean not that long?! I waited long enough! Is this how you treat a paying customer?!" the businessman snapped at his wife.

Ryeowook could only just bow in apology. This has to be his second worst night since his employment here.

Ryeowook was still busy apologizing to the enraged businessman when Kyuhyun walked inside the restaurant. At first, Kyuhyun barely took notice of the shouting as he made his way to his corner table, almost immediately beside the table where Ryeowook was hearing one of the worst uproar in his lifetime. The only time Kyuhyun actually took notice of the event was when Ryeowook started to speak.

"I'm really, really sorry, sir. It's entirely my fault. I assure you it won't happen again." Ryeowook said. As much as he wanted to do what Eunhyuk taught him to do in this kind of situation, the customer was just talking too loud for him to ignore. He could almost feel tears forming in his eyes.

"Damn right it wouldn't because you won't be working in this restaurant anymore! Go get your manager! I'll report you!" the man yelled.

"Dear, please." the wife pleaded.

"shut it!" the man yelled.

"Too noisy." said a cold voice from the corner.

Hearing the familiar voice, Ryeowook turned to look at Kyuhyun who wasn't looking at them. Although, it was more than obvious that he was speaking to them.

"What the hell did you say, punk?" the businessman roared.

"It's either you're too stupid to understand what I just said or you have just destroyed your own eardrums with all that yelling of yours." Kyuhyun responded, still not looking at them.

"The little waiter said he's sorry. And he also assured you that it won't happen again so what are you still yapping about? I almost feel sorry for your wife. You're quite an embarrassing husband." he added.

The man's face went red in anger. "You've got some nerve insulting me! Who do you think you are, huh?" he yelled stepping over to Kyuhyun's table. "Come on and say that to my face!"

Kyuhyun was unfazed by the amount of anger the man was emitting. His face was still as expressionless as ever. Without turning his head to look at the man, he responded, "I'm not the type of person to repeat myself over and over again." Then he raised his gun and pointed it straight at the man's face. "But I am the type of person who lets his gun speak for him."

The man froze at the sight of the gun. "Y-You can't d-do this to me. I-I'm the v-vice president of the Shin Corporation. They'll have you k-killed." the man stuttered.

"I couldn't care less even if you're the president of the world. I can kill you and whoever your company sends to kill me." Kyuhyun said before turning to glare at the man.

"The only reason why I'm still not blowing your head off your shoulders is because I don't want you're stinking blood to spill all over me. But I can tolerate even that if I have to. So, piece of advice. Walk. Away." he added.

The man stiffened for a while, terrified by the combination of Kyuhyun's glare and the gun pointed at him. Then, slowly he backed-off walking fast. He immediately grabbed his wife by the arm and roughly pulled her up. "Come on. We're leaving."

The man was about to drag his wife out with him when Kyuhyun spoke again. "Hold on. I believe you ordered something from the little waiter and he delivered it. Regardless if you ate anything, you still ordered it. Don't you think you should pay for it?"

Once again, the man's face reddened in anger. He looked like he was about to start yelling again. But instead, he just took his wallet, took some bills, and then, without counting them, the man handed them over to Ryeowook. His hands were definitely shaking as if he was trying his hardest not to let his sanity snap. While Ryeowook was definitely left unharmed, the man's wife though, received most of the rage as the man dragged her out.

Meekly, Ryeowook counted the money that was handed over to check if it was enough for what was ordered. It was more than enough. The man paid over 200% of what he should be paying.

He was about to chase the man out to return the money but Kyuhyun grabbed him before he could leave. "He had just yelled at you in front of a whole crowd and now you're about to chase him. Either you're a serious masochist or you're just plain stupid."

"I'm neither of those." Ryeowook snapped, pulling his hand away. "What you did wasn't very nice. And haven't you seen the sign at the entrance saying 'No Weapons Inside, Please'? You can't just point a gun at people just like that."

Kyuhyun looked away. So this is what he gets for interfering, huh? So much for trying to help and look a bit more human.

"But thanks for that anyway. I really appreciated the help." Ryeowook continued in a much softer tone. When Kyuhyun looked up at him, he saw one of the most beautiful smiles he has ever seen.

"Kyuhyun's eyes began to thump faster once again. He didn't understand why but he almost felt himself wanting to smile back. But he controlled it and just averted his eyes, saying, "Whatever."

"Hey, don't be so cold. I said 'thanks', you should be answering 'You're welcome'." Ryeowook said, pouting.

"Why should I do that?" Kyuhyun asked.

"Proper manner perhaps?" Ryeowook said, sighing deeply and shaking his head. "Nevermind. You're hopeless."

Kyuhyun was about to respond when he suddenly noticed something queer about Ryeowook. Was he taller? How the heck did that happen? He only saw him yesterday and he was positive that he wasn't this tall. Looking down, he noticed something else. And it almost made him smirk.

"You know, for someone who was so convinced yesterday that he wasn't THAT short, you certainly have a knack for finding some ridiculously high heel lifts." Kyuhyun commented. His voice was still as flat as ever but it was evident that he was amused.

Ryeowook's face went red. Were the heel lifts too obvious.

"Looks like the little waiter wants to become a tall waiter." Kyuhyun mocked.

Kyuhyun expected a witty remark or an annoyed response like Ryeowook usually does when he's speaking that way to him. But it never came. "Hey, no 'I'm not THAT short' comment?" he asked.

"What's the point anyway? Everyone, especially you, will still think that I'm too short." Ryeowook said, pouting and looking away.

Kyuhyun frowned at the response. So this is how Ryeowook looks like when he's sad? Kyuhyun wouldn't admit it but he definitely didn't like seeing Ryeowook this way. It was so not like him.

"I don't see why you should care about what other people think." he said after a while. "When you claimed that you're not too short last night, you definitely didn't think you are too short. You were comfortable being what you are. So, there's no reason for you to think too much about how much you lack in height. No one is THAT perfect, you know. And if you ask me, you look fine just the way you are."

Ryeowook's eyebrows raised in shock. Did Kyuhyun compliment him? Did he really, REALLY compliment him? Ryeowook felt his heart go on hyper drive.

What was going on? Why was his heart being like this? Sungmin said almost the same words that morning, but it felt much, much different when Kyuhyun said them.

"But you're still a shorty, little waiter. And no heel lifts can change that." Kyuhyun suddenly said, which effectively pierced and destroyed the moment that Ryeowook was still trying to figure out.

"Stop calling me that. And I'm not THAT short." Ryeowook said, annoyed. It seemed that the heart racing events earlier never happened.

"Whatever you say, little waiter." Kyuhyun said, still in a flat tone. Despite himself, he was actually happy to hear that remark from Ryeowook.

"The name is Kim Ryeowook. Remember that, will you?" Ryeowook said.

"Too complicated to remember, little waiter." Kyuhyun responded.

"I said stop calling me --Arrgh!" Ryeowook growled, massaging his temples furiously. "Nevermind. It's hopeless."

"Yeah. Says the person wearing freakishly tall heel lifts just to look taller." Kyuhyun taunted.

"Is it your life's goal to keep a waiter like me extremely annoyed?" Ryeowook asked. "Don't answer that. I don't need to know. Now if you'll excuse me, I have OTHER customers to waste my time with. Ones that actually ORDER something."

Ryeowook turned on his heels and walked away in a quick pace, trying not to think about anything that Kyuhyun said to him. Really, why is it that everytime they cross each other's paths, they're bound to end up bickering?

"Ryeowook tripped a few times as he walked straight for the employees lounge. He was getting rid of these heel lifts once and for all. Screw being short. He will not give Kyuhyun the satisfaction of taunting him about wearing them to look taller. Besides, there was no reason for him to wear them anymore. Inside his head, Kyuhyun's voice was echoing again. But this time it was different. You look fine just the way you are.

Unconsciously, Ryeowook's lips formed a smile. And the smile was still in place as he entered the lounge.

"Looks like someone's happy." a voice said from the locker area of the lounge. "That's a first considering that you always end up frowning everytime you meet Kyuhyun."

"What do you mean happy? I'm annoyed. Really, really annoyed." Ryeowook said.

"That's not what your smile is telling me." Sungmin said, sitting beside Ryeowook on the couch.

"I don't know what you're talking about, hyung." Ryeowook said, slowly removing his shoes. "Ouch, my legs feel sore."

"That's to be expected considering the height of those lifts." Sungmin said. He was smiling at first, then he frowned when Ryeowook started removing the heel lifts from his shoes. "Hey, you don't need them anymore?"

"Yeah. Thanks for lending them to me, hyung. But I wouldn't need them anymore. There was actually no reason for me to wear them at all." Ryeowook said, placing both heel lifts on the couch in between them. "Besides, I don't want to give that Cho Kyuhyun anymore reason to taunt me."

Sungmin looked away. "So, you really care about what he thinks, don't you? He was the one who caused you to wear them and now he's the only one who managed to make you stop wearing them." Sungmin's tone was normal, but bitterness peppered his words.

"Hyung?" Ryeowook said, confused.

"Nothing, Wook." Sungmin said, smiling a little at Ryeowook. I'll be taking these lifts back then, okay?"

When Sungmin raised his hand to take the heel lifts, Ryeowook noticed that his fist was red and bruised. There were even a few cuts.

"Hyung, what happened to your hand?" Ryeowook asked, worried.

"Oh, this? Nothing. Just a small accident, that's all. No need to worry about it." Sungmin lied as he withdrew his hand. Actually, he hurt his hand when he punched the kitchen wall earlier out of jealousy.

He had witnessed everything. And he even managed to know everything that they were talking about thanks to his ability to lipread. He knew something was going on between Ryeowook and Kyuhyun. And he didn't like it.

"Your legs must be sooo exhausted by now. Why don't you let them rest for a while? There are only a couple more customers left. I'm sure the twin idiots can take care of them." Sungmin said, walking out the door, leaving a confused Ryeowook behind. What, Ryeowook failed to notice though was that Sungmin had just taken his shoes with him.

"I have to stop this nonsense before it begins." Sungmin muttered as he walked back to the kitchen with Ryeowook's shoes.

It was nearly closing time before Kyuhyun decided to leave. For some reason, he no longer saw Ryeowook come back out ever since he went inside the lounge. He guessed he was now in the kitchen.

As soon as he walked out the door, he saw a glimpse of a young man wearing a chef's uniform with the Blue Sapphire logo standing in the corner. The man was almost the same height as Ryeowook but he looked less fragile. The name Lee Sunmin was stitched artistically on the uniforms pocket.

"Is there something you want?" Kyuhyun asked, staring sideways at the chef.

"Yeah. As a matter of fact, there is." Sungmin replied in an equally cold voice. "Stay away from Ryeowook."

Kyuhyun's eyebrows met. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"Don't play dumb with me. I know you're smarter than you look. You should know by now that Ryeowook doesn't deserve someone like you around." Sungmin said. "He's been through a lot already. He doesn't need the added trouble you're taking with you."

This response puzzled Kyuhyun. He's been through a lot already?

"I doubt if you have any sympathy for anyone other than yourself. But if ever you have even an ounce of sympathy left in you, you will stay away from Ryeowook." Sungmin continued.

"I think you're confusing yourself if you think that I'm the one coming to him. He's the one who keeps crossing paths with me." Kyuhyun said.

"That can easily be fixed. However, I'm still warning you. Stay. Away." Sungmin growled before stepping back inside the restaurant. Kyuhyun's gaze followed him but he ignored it. They were done talking.

Sungmin had just entered the kitchen when Ryeowook ran to him. Since Sungmin had taken his shoes, we was now walking with only his socks covering his feet. "Hyung, you took my shoes." he whined.

"Oh, you only realized that now?" Sungmis said smirking.

"Hyung~" Ryeowook whined.

"Hey don't get angry. I was just thinking of playing a little game with you, that's all. Well then, why don't you look for your shoes? It's somewhere in here." Sungmin said, laughing a little. "Can you find it?"

Ryeowook pouted. "What'll I get if I found them?" he asked.

"Let me think." Sungmin replied playfully.

"I hope you have a cute bunny ready, hyung. Cause you might just loose me my job for this." Ryeowook said, still pouting.

"I have a cute bunny right here." Sungmin said, fondly messing up Ryeowook's hair causing the younger to laugh. "And don't worry. All work and no play makes Wookie a dull boy."

As Ryeowook set off to look for the missing shoes, Sungmin's smile disappeared and was replaced by a look of seriousness.

"I won't let anything happen to you, Ryeowook-ah. I'll protect you no matter what. And I will never let that bastard Cho Kyuhyun have you." he muttered to himself.

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